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Zoma Sports Mattress Review (2019) – Will Athletes Like It?

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Zoma Sports Mattress Review (2019) – Will Athletes Like It?

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Built with athletes in mind, the #Zoma Sports #Mattress employs a trifecta of proprietary foam materials to help active folks get better sleep. But does the bed actually pull off this performance-driven aim? To find out, I put this bad boy through its paces, personally assessing its construction and feel to determine exactly what kind of sleeper might benefit most from its unique vibe.

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0:00 Zoma Sports Mattress Review
0:20 What does the Zoma mattress feel like?
1:45 What is the Zoma made of?
3:05 Testing the Zoma Sports mattress
5:25 Zoma Mattress Pros and Cons
6:17 Zoma Mattress warranty

Zoma describes itself as a “performance-enhancing sleep system” in that all of its products are specifically designed to help #athletes, gym rats, and other active folks achieve restorative slumber. This, the brand claims, leads to better athletic #performance both in and outside the gym.

To support this sporty mission, Zoma has crafted its flagship all-foam mattress as well as the Zoma pillow and foundation. We won’t be getting into these other products in this review, so let’s turn our attention back to the brand’s namesake bed.

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