Zenhaven Mattress Review + Loom & Leaf And Saatva Mattress Comparison (2019 UPDATE)

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Are you looking for a great all natural mattress, but you don’t want to break the bank?

Check out the Zenhaven mattress.

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The Zenhaven is a latex mattress produced by the Saatva company. If you want a natural mattress, and you want to avoid chemicals and allergens, the Zenhaven mattress could be a great choice for you.

While latex mattresses have a lot to offer, they will usually cost you quite a bit. While the Zenhaven is going to cost you more than some bed in a box memory foam mattresses, it is a very good deal for a latex mattress.

Also, while you may be paying more for this mattress, it should be a good long-term investment. The Talalay latex in this mattress is very durable so it should be a longer-lasting mattress.

Are you looking for a back sleeping mattress or stomach sleeping mattress? The Zenhaven mattress should be supportive enough for you. Also, it is a flippable mattress, so it has two firmness options. You have a good chance of finding the right firmness for you.

Do you sleep hot? You shouldn’t have to worry on the Zenhaven mattress. The latex does a good job of dissipating heat, so this should be a cooler sleeping mattress.

However, even though this mattress is a good deal, it still might outside of some people’s budgets. Again, latex can cost more because it is naturally sourced. If this mattress is outside your price range, you might need to look elsewhere.

In addition, many side sleepers might not get the best pressure relief on the Zenhaven. There are two sides, but neither side felt the best when I was on my side. If you need a side sleeping mattress, you might want to consider a memory foam mattress. The Zenhaven also has a very bouncy feel. If you prefer to sink into your mattress, a memory foam mattress might be the way to go.

Does the Zenhaven sound like the mattress for you?

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