Y-Brush Mouthpiece Toothbrush Review

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Find out if the Y-Brush toothbrush is any good. A detailed hands-on and opinion video, that comes after several weeks of testing.
Video chapters:

0:00 Introduction
0:35 Verdict
1:04 Important information
2:36 Pros
4:30 Cons
Y-Brush is the best example of a mouthpiece toothbrush that I have seen and tested to date.

The brushing results were surprisingly good.  It is a better option than not brushing at all, but it is not quite good enough to replace your regular toothbrush, yet.

It shows promise. With some revisions, a 10 second toothbrush may well be the future.

– Surprising cleaning results
– Ease of use
– Automatic power off
– 3 modes
– Battery life

– Fit of mouthpiece
– Cleaning results
– Toothpaste residue
– Firm power/function button
– Construction and quality

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