XL MYLAR SURVIVAL BLANKETS, 5 PACK Review | Titan Survival Product Review Cover Category

XL MYLAR SURVIVAL BLANKETS, 5 PACK Review | Titan Survival Product Review Cover Category

Perfect for emergency situations where warmth or protection from inclement weather conditions is required. Helps prevent hypothermia and shock by retaining up to 90% of a user’s body heat.

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Hi guys and welcome to another video Um here in our channel and So Again we will be talking or reviewing uh Another titan survival um Tools and equipments And Today Since yesterday we Already covered um the container Category uh right now we will be Reviewing the Cover Category so first on our list is the Extra large mylar survival blankets Which is five pack So the price here is 38.98 Here And as you can see here this is what it Looks like There you go one blanket and the size is 90 by 70. All right so it says here helps prevent Shock and hyperthermia redirects ninety Percent of body heat to use uh body heat Back to user Um perfect for ground cover or sun shade Compact design for all-purpose use Reusable waterproof and windproof Alright so let me just go ahead and Click on this one And it says here individually wrapped Extra large emergency survival blankets Or

See here So this is what the Box looks like And here is The emergency survival blanket There you go So it says here again helps prevent Shock and hyperthermia protective wrap For burns shock and exposure Perfect for ground cover or sunshade Metallic reflective inside distress Beacon A vehicle go bag and emergency kit ready Okay so this one is color Red so this is what it really looks like There you go Okay So perfect for emergency Situations where warmth or protection From inclement weather conditions is Required all right And the taitan promise says here all Authentic titan products come with a Lifetime Guarantee All right So this is what it looks like There you go So the size Is 70 by 90 Weight is 5.5.5 ounce thickness is 25 Microns And can be used as tarps impromptu shade

Rescue or distress beacons ground cover Or Ponchos there All right so again The uh price is 38.98 So this has a warrant a lifetime Warranty Again u.s veteran owned business free Domestic shipping and easy returns and You can just go ahead and click on this Video And Just go ahead and watch And you’ll Learn a couple of things here as well All right So here Uh our their extra large survival Blankets are made from the same material That was originally developed for nasa’s Or Nasa’s apollo space program to help Protect sensitive equipment From harmful radiation but the same Material is also a perfect reflector of Body heat in an emergency and with up to 90 percent of your body heat Reflected back towards you in an Emergency you simply can’t go wrong with Survival blankets So what makes our signal panel survival Blankets so good So while the front side of these Survival blankets use the same high

Quality metallic Layer found in hospital mylar blankets The back side is coated with Their unique version of the us military Signal panel 17 emergency distress signal And This contrasting visual pattern was Specifically developed by the military To be easily seen from aerial search and Rescue So again this is originally designed For space exploration Durable advanced aluminized mylar Blankets are reusable Waterproof and windproof and can also be Used for both ground cover rescue or Distressed beacons ponchos tarps and Shade Also it’s perfect for emergency Situations where warmth or protection From inclement weather conditions is Required and it helps prevent Hyperthermia And shock by retaining up to 90 Of a user’s body heat So each titan survival emergency blanket Is individually folded Wrapped and sealed for easy storage and Retrieval so these extra large 70 by 90 Blankets are 70 microns thick and are perfect for Marathons backpacking Emergency kits go bag or bug out bag

Gear So the product of specifications the Blanket size when folded is 5 by 3.5 by 2 inches Blackhead size unfolded is 70 by 90 Inches Um blanket weight 5.4 ounces or 153 Grams thickness is 17 to 20 Microns Industry average Versus the 12 industry 12 microns industry average So again Here they Out of based on the 24 reviews Uh 92 percent gave a five-star review And i’ll just give you or read some Like this one so Awesome christmas gifts Uh one for each of my family members and They all like them and they are going to Carry them in their Carry them in their bags I ordered a five pack hoping they would Be as good as the rest of the products By titan i opened one up to inspect it And was very happy Thicker than Many others and very large i i was Impressed The colors are very visible and will Easily contrast to any surrounding and The other four put in the family cars So yeah so as you can see it’s the

Reviews are great and um so yeah this is Around oh so this is actually 38.98 So that will be Uh the extra large milo survival Blankets for five pack so thank you so Much for watching and i’ll see you on to The next video