Wright W2.15 Mattress Review – A Luxury Hybrid?

It’s time to talk about the #wrightw215mattress. The #w215 is a hybrid mattress that offers a fantastic balance of comfort and support. So, let’s look under the hood of the #wrightmattress and see what makes it so special!

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0:50 Mattress Construction
1:37 Firmness And Feel
2:08 Sleeping Positions
2:39 Pressure Map
3:23 Marten’s Take
4:18 Wright Mattress – Motion Transfer
4:42 Edge Support
5:02 Wright Mattress Pros
5:30 Mattress Cons
6:01 How The Mattress Compares To Other Hybrids
6:22 Shipping And Warranty Information
6:44 Unboxing The Wright Mattress
7:07 FAQs

The #wright is a #hybrid mattress that contains pocketed coils and three layers of #memoryfoam. It boasts a fantastic balance of comfort and support and should be a good match for different types of sleepers.

#Sidesleepers are going to appreciate the #wrightmattress because it offers some fantastic pressure relief. When they lie down on the #wright, most side sleepers should sink into those memory foam layers and feel some great pressure relief on their shoulders and hips. #Backsleepers and #combination sleepers should also find what they are looking for on the Wright Mattress.

However, the #wrightmattress might not be a great fit for #stomachsleepers – the top layers are very soft and won’t provide the support that stomach sleepers need under their hips. Also, fans of #firmmattresses or #softmattresses might want to look elsewhere. Finally, the #wright is not very affordable and might be too pricey for some.

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