Why the Hopkins EZ-View Med Bag is Ideal for Organization


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The Hopkins EZ-View Med Bag features a durable polyester material that’s easy to wipe down and disinfect. It comes with a deluxe padded shoulder strap, and has two convenient pockets on the outside. One, with the red tab, signifies it’s the size of a one-quart sharps container. The other pocket is for quick-access items, such as hand sanitizer and gloves. The inside of the bag features our EZ-View pockets. Each side has 10 sewn-in EZ-View compartments for easy organization of smaller items. Each side also features six easy-zip organizers that can be removed and exchanged. The inside of the bag features a larger pocket for your larger medical device items and PPE. There is also a lockable compartment where you can store PHI for HIPAA compliance.

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