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Why buy new Oklahoma City rental homes

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Why buy new Oklahoma City rental homes

Last week I did a video where I talked about issues with old ands cheap homes and the pitfalls of buying them. Today I want to contrast that with reasons to look for new homes even if you haven’t thought about it. First of all I have worked with builders and in all cases either doubled their sales or even more if they work though me and my large investor database which now is in the thousands. They understand that mine is a wholesale business and I can move their inventory regardless off month or time of year. This gives me the ability to have new homes priced under the typical per SF cost. it is also important to you to avoid expenses. new homes come with warranties, with fixtures that have never been used, and higher grade materials like granite that resist damage. Another benefit to the investor is that since the tenant has to pay utilities that the higher energy efficiency lowers their cost which encourages them to stay. New homes are also more attractive and without functional obsolescence so higher ceilings, bigger baths and closets are just as few of the attractions. New homes also attract a better renter with higher credit scores that in many cases have owned their own home and are transferring in to Oklahoma City for work. Let me have the opportunity to explain to you the many advantages of new Oklahoma City investment rental homes and you can do that by emailing me at [email protected]

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