Wheelchair style – Chest Press with EZ Curl Bar lying Face Up in Bed – L1 injury 2-1-16


Leary about whether i should put my wheelchair cushion underneath my back while i’m lying on the bed. Do remember there being a lot of unpleasant pressure on my shoulders when doing these chest press workouts. Better safe than sorry. p.s. Really Important to have the sponges to grip the ends of the EZ Curl bar during reps.
I’m paraplegic(20+ years in a wheelchair). Thank You for checking out my Video & i will NEVER ask You for Donations or Money in order to Help me out in any way. That is just not my style. i try to update my Websites , & every once in a while. Many of the things i do are either done wrong or incorrectly. Doing things the incorrect way is probably what made me paraplegic in the first place. Even though they are probably not correct, i hope my video gives you an idea you might possibly be able to do safely & correctly yourself. Follow these videos at your own risk 🙂

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