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What is House Hacking and is it Worth it?

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What is House Hacking and is it Worth it?

House hacking can be a great way to invest in rental properties without spending a lot of money and having a house to live in at the same time. The basics of house hacking are to buy a multifamily property (although it can be done with single family as well) as an owner occupant, live in part of the property, and rent out the other parts of the property. With good rentals, you should be living for free and have money left over from the rent coming in from the other units. After living in the property for one year, you can then move out and repeat the process over and over again.

The huge advantage of house hacking is when you buy as an owner occupant you are able to put very little money down. From $0 to 5 percent down depending on the loan you can qualify for or decide to go with. After living there for a year, you can get another low down payment loan if you move into another property and live there a year.

You can see the full article on house hacking here:

You can see videos of properties I talk about in the video here:


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