This video will help you know more about purifying water from scratch! Know how to filter or purify!

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Hi guys and welcome back so for today Our topic will be ways to purify Water You may call it purify or filter it’s up To you but for me it’s purify All right so let me click on this one And purify water so if you’re good in The woods hiking or um or backpacking You’re going to need a clean potable Water that is purified and that is rid Of any bacteria that’s going to be Harmful for you So ger your gestures is a common cause Of waterborne disease in humans and it Is also known as beaver fever so after An outbreak in which hikers at banif National park became ill from drinking Stream water contaminated with giardia From beavers So what are the signs of georgia in Humans So you may have a slight fever Watery or soft stools and constipation Foul smelling diarrhea and gas Dehydration Because of The diarrhea so abdominal bloating Pain and cramps Belching and halitosis or a foul Smelling breath And fatigue That is also due to dehydration so you Will be You will have fatigue some signs too

Next is heartburn and indigestion Loss of appetite and weight loss again This is all due to A diarrhea that leads to dehydration That leads to fatigue that leads to loss Of appetite and weight loss And another sign is nausea and a general Feeling of being unwell so take note the Symptoms can appear between one and Three weeks after infection so you have To look out for that All right so An fyi Rain water or dew that is resting on Non-poisonous plants such as moss is Safe to drink as is so that’s a good Information about that So next filtering water with what you Have so again we’re in a survival Mode so we don’t know if we are fully Equipped Um Or fully prepared in terms of Um Tools so here the basic process of Filtering water In a survival situation is to remove Debris such as soil dirt Sediment sticks Leaves and any animals living in the Water so to create a survival water Filter you will need to gather Various materials such as pebbles Sand

Cloth and charcoal so i’ll give you this Small picture here So you can see that you they made a Teepee Which is this one And then there’s a layer of grass on top With a cloth Um a cloth three clods Clothes and then On top of it the first layer will be Grass the second layer will be sand and The third Layer will be the charcoal from fire so Basically if you’ve Watched my other video On creating a fire That is Important because What if you’re in a emergency mode or Survival mode and you don’t have any Equipments with you You know how how can you make a fire out Of nothing So Of course when you created a fire there Will be automatic um There will be an uh there will be a Charcoal um automatically so when you Have that charcoal uh you can use that To filter your water All right so if you realize you are in a Survival situation Take some time to think about what needs To be done

So figure out what you have with you and How it can be used to your advantage So most people who are lost are found Within 24 hours so don’t freak out and Also keep in mind that it is not Possible to filter salt water into Drinkable fresh water Regardless of the kinds of water filters You have again keep that in mind That it is not possible to filter salt Water so that’s why i’m like For example if you’ve watched Castaway where um tom is uh Actually survived an airplane crash And That movie says that you don’t have to i Mean don’t drink salt water because it Will Keep you dehydrated if you keep drinking Salt water all right so it again if it’s Not possible to filter salt water So again Keep that in mind All right so Making a basic survival water filter From scratch So the first thing to consider when Collecting water is to think about How you will need How soon you will need to drink And if you have time Collect standing water in a container And let it sit for a few hours and this Will allow anything that floats to rise

To The surface and you can skim off any Debris All right so if you have two containers Just in case you have two containers try This method for fill for filtering water So take the first container and fill it With water then put your t put your Shirt or some sort of porous layer over The other container and put your pebbles On top of the clothes and filter your Water by pouring it over the stones and End into the container Next remove the pebbles and put sand a Finer material and on top of the clothes Filter your water again So finally the most effective way to Filter is to crush up charcoal and put It in your clothes and let it let the Water run through it and charcoal Filters remove sediment Many contaminants and improve the taste And charcoal is used in store bro store Bought home and backcountry water Filters You can make your own charcoal by making A campfire covering it with dirt With dirt and ash and allow it to cool Completely Once it has cooled crush it into smaller Pieces and pour the water through the Charcoal several times And If at all possible

Okay one moment okay If at all possible build a contraption That will combine all three filtering Steps letting the water flow from one Material to another and this will make The water gradually clearer as you Filter it again and again And if you don’t have a man-made Container Some natural materials are great Alternatives Bamboo is a prime example it has a Hollow in the center and water can flow Through It easily and there are many water Plants with hollow centers and use these To your advantage A hollow log can be a great option place The materials the pebbles the sand cloth And charcoal In layers through the various parts of The bamboo or log so remember to think About what materials you are carrying And check out your surroundings in any Survival situation This should provide you with a basic Insight on how to create a survivor a Survival water filter Realize that it is still possible to get Sick Um even if you follow the guidelines in This article always contact a physician After a drink questionable water right All right after you were

Just in case you were rescued go Go to your physician immediately and Tell them that you have drunk a Questionable water you know for you for Them to know All right the side effects of pathogens And microorganisms will take at least a Week to start affecting you and if you Are in a survival situation keep Hydrated and worry about those side Effects later That is actually correct um what’s more Important in the survival mode Is You should be hydrated All the time because it will keep you Strong for a couple of days it’s okay Not to eat something but it’s important That you have water in you All right so finding a water source so Before you can disinfect the water you Have to find it so depending on your Location and situation water can be Abundant or virtually non-existent So Water can come from fresh water surface Sources like streams creeks ponds and Lakes and if you are able to distill the Water you can even use brackish or soil Salty water as a source so let’s not Forget precipitation As an emergency water supply Rain Snow

Sleet hail Ice and dew can be collected for water So fresh rain that didn’t fall through a Jungle or forest canopy should be safe Enough to drink as is New snow can be melted for drinking Without processing As well So water issuing from springs and other Underground sources can also be safe in Most areas so water coming from tap Trees like maple and birch can be safe To drink and abundant in late winter so But most other water sources should be Considered dirty and must be disinfected With one of the following methods One of the method is the t-shirt t-shirt Filtration So using your t-shirt to filter water is Another last resort method As it won’t be nearly as effective as Many of the other methods we’ve covered If you have no other option available Though passing water through your shirt Can remove many of the sediments If your water is especially cloudy Filtering it through your shirt before You boil it or adding chemicals to Purify it can clean up the water and Make it more pleasant tasting as well as Safer to drink Next well next one is the solar water Disinfection so solar water disinfection Or sodius for short is a water treatment

Method that uses the sun’s energy for Disinfection the most common technique Is to expose plastic bottles full of Contaminated water to the sun for a Minimum of one day so the sun’s abundant Uv light kills Kills or damages almost all biological Hazards in the water so the advantages To this way of treating water are Plentiful so it’s easy to it’s easy to Use it’s inexpensive or free and it Offers good But not complete or guaranteed bacterial And viral disinfection Furthermore The method uses no dangerous chemicals And it does not require constant Attention So if you are in the survival mode and You have water bottle with you Just collect the water And then if there is A sun Available at that day Expose it in the sun Make it like a whole day If you want to if you’re not that Thirsty you can make it into two days That will be great you you know that the Sun already Kills or damages Almost of the biological hazards in the Water so that’s one good but you have to Wait for this and we don’t know how

The downside of this is that what if you Are thirsty Um Like at that time You can’t Do this like it’s it’s okay to do this Just to just to make sure that you have Like a water supply in the next coming Days that will be good but like for Immediate this is not um ideal for me All right so but there are some problems With the method here we go you need Sunny weather or two days of overcast Sky to reach the maximum effectiveness Like what i’ve said so you cannot use it In rain and it offers no residual Disinfection and it may be less Effective against bacterial spores and Cysts stages of some parasites and the Water and the bottle need to be clear And the bottle shouldn’t be glass it Should be like the plastic one So if that wasn’t bad enough this method Doesn’t does nothing to help with Chemical contamination and only small Bottles like two liters max can be Processed So boiling So in order to kill the parasites Bacteria and other pathogens in water The most reliable thing to do is boil The water so boiling will not evaporate All forms of chemical pollution but It is still one of the safest methods of

Disinfection so five minutes of a Rolling boil will kill most organisms And but 10 minutes is safer Elevations high enough to affect boiling And cooking Times will require Slightly more time over the flame so Boiling can be done over a campfire or Stove in a metal ceramic or glass Container if no fireproof container is Available heat rocks for 30 minutes In the fire and place them into your Container of water This container could be a rock Depression A bowl burned out of wood a folded bark Container A hide or an animal stomach don’t use Quartz or any river rocks as these will Explode when heated So Always be like water float in the times Of pain or downs like waves along the Wind which Touches its surface so it’s basically Here Whenever You’re in pain like for example in your Survive when you’re in survival mode you Just don’t need Water but you have to be like water that Floats And you know go distance Um you have to survive

You need to drink water and be like Water like versatile you know And Like what i’ve said this is like a Continuation Of Um from my previous video which is like Creating a fire Because For me survival in survival mode What is important is that you have like A good source of Food and water Right And that’s for you to be able to survive So through fire like what i’ve said in My previous video is that You have to know how to create fire so You can have a fire to cook your meal Your food Boil water Have warmth and also it will give you Light But Here in water in order for you to filter Your water or just contaminate your Water Boiling is important and How can you boil water if you can’t Catch If you can’t create a fire So yeah that’s for me the first two Important skills that you need or tips That you need in order to survive um in

Pretty much everywhere whether in In the mountain in And uh how should i say this and Snowy areas You know it’s or cold areas you need These two again in the pyramid The top on the list for ser for human Survival is The food and water So in order for you to survive you need These two So That is the end for today i hope you Enjoy the video please don’t forget to Like and subscribe And thank you so much for your time and I hope to see you again on to the next One bye