Water Tactics, Tips & Tools For Survival | 11 Handy Vital Items to Include in Your Survival Pack

Regardless of whether you’re going on an open air experience or simply driving to work, each individual ought to be furnished with an in and out endurance unit. Subsequently, we’ve arranged a rundown of 11 things that are fundamental to incorporate when assembling your versatile endurance pack. These are things that can be pressed into a little knapsack or purse, and will assist with keeping you alive in crisis circumstances until somebody comes to your guide.

Water – This is at the top of the list because it is the most essential item on the list. On average, humans can only go 72 hours without water. Pack several water bottles to ration, and then once they’re empty, you can use them to gather more water.

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Hi guys and welcome to this video so we Will be talking about 11 vital items to Include in your survival pack So um regardless of whether you’re going On an open-air experience or simply Driving to work Each individual ought to be furnished With an in and out endurance unit And subsequently we’ve arranged a Rundown of 11 things that are Fundamental to incorporate when Assembling your versatile endurance pack And these are things that can be pressed Into a little knapsack or purse and will Assist with keeping you alive in crisis Circumstances until somebody comes to Your guide So our number one on the list is Water So this is at the top of the list Because it is the most essential item on The list On average humans can only go for Seven to two hours without water so Pack several water bottles to ration And then once they’re empty you can use Them to gather more Water So with that i’m going to show you five Websites where you can actually order um Water Um pretty much you can buy from 7-eleven And some Other places where they sell water but

This one is actually more off The um Like uh Emergency drinking water So Let’s go to Emergency kits Dot com So this one they have actually like Pallets boxes and um It’s like you can see here if you order This one this is around 2 789 Worth of water but this is Um like 2 4 400 cans And it has a 50 year shelf life So this is like good for How many years And if you want to stock up that’s good This one is in cans this is in bottles And we have Pouches so this is what it looks like So for example this one this is a Mainstay emergency drinking water pouch This is really easy to Um Put in your put inside of your bag Especially if you’re going hiking or Going into Mountain climbing or camping Um this is really Ideal because it is in a pouch it’s easy To put inside your bag and Pretty much um

Very handy um again we’re talking about Um things that we can actually bring With us easily so this is good so you Can bring 10 pieces of this in your bag or 15. it Depends so yeah this is so good this is 40 cents uh they have also like um One one liter Of uh Water here this this is a 10 year Shelf life Uh what else so yeah this is so great Because it’s good for stacking up And also good for stocking For years So it depends if you want it in cans Um in bottles or in pouches but if you Want like I prefer the pouches especially if it’s Like on the go All right so you can see you can see Here 50 years This emergency drinking water has a 50 Year shelf life this one has 20 years Shelf life This one has a 10 year shelf life and This one is five year And you can see here just Hover your mouse Here and you can see here the mainstay Emergency water pouches in this kit have A five year shelf life the purvi Emergency water containers in this kit Have a 20-year shelf life so if you

Click on For example let’s click on this one Okay So if we click on this one Okay So this is one thousand five hundred Ninety nine dollars and Th this is the description Um so there is like 84 cases of 60 Pouches so one case is equivalent to 60 Pouches And here’s the details And the review so they have no reviews Yet but That’s this is important this Description and detail So yeah that is emergency kits.com So we have sos products.com You can also see here there’s like um Also water pouches And Uh in Uh also bottled waters and they also Have a water pallet So you can see the prices here So this one is on sale so before their Price is 21. uh 21.75 Cents Um and now they they It is And 20.25 Cents So if you just go ahead and click on This one

Um You can see here that it is in four Point two two seven Ounce per pound and it has a five year Life Shelf life So from manufacturer date so you can see It Here there you go And the description is also here as well And they have A rating and it says here i am an Emergency planning manager for a Community college district at new Employee orientation i distribute one of These pouches to each employee to keep Under their desks i highly recommend This product to keep in Your car and for locations where only a Small amount of water can be stored they Are heavy duty and i am very hard on my Emergency kits and i have never had one Of these Break in my kit so this is good because It has a review already so yeah it Depends on you So let’s hit back button And yeah so there’s a lot of um Choices Here So again this is sos survival products Now let’s go to Cprsavers.com so there is like a Subcategory here this is food rations

Water pouches and purification Systems and freeze-dried food So Here we have like a portable cap and Cooking bag They have made a pouch water with no Drinking container There’s like 125 Ml emergency water pouch this is for 16 And 55 cents They also have a camelbak eddy insulated Water bottle So like for example if you don’t want to Drink in a pouch you can have like a Bottle of water with you Uh they have like um a nasco exchange Portions food replica set And they have like A Case of made a pouch water With a drinking container so this is a Case of 12 4 6 packs and this is around 35 Dollars and 70 cents And so there’s a lot of choices here as Well they also have like this aqua box For 200 um Or 6.7 75 ounces So this is a case of 32 units And this is for 26.22 Cents um What else you have this Case of 96 just read the description and If it suits you then

Go ahead and add to cart or buy So there’s like foods or Ready to eat Foods here Which is great but if you want Just click on these if you want to buy Food or food rations or water pouches So yeah that is cprsavers.com So next up is Redcross.org They have here as well drinking Water so this is four ounces a case of 100 so this is 44.99 Um So the water is a basic need make sure You you are covered in an emergency with A ready supply of drinking water So Before i talked about Purification a water purification so Just in case you are in a wilderness and You wanted to drink some water from the River or from some dirty uh Puddle of water That’s good but if you want it to be Ready and if you wanted to drink safe Water Then it’s best if you have um emergency Drinking water like in this Here Like the poured um A pouch In a pouch in a bottle or in a A can so

There you go this is 44.99 Again this is redcross.org And lastly we have here More prepared.com They have eight items of emergency Drinking water here they have sos Emergency drinking water in 120 125 ml And this is a in a 4.227 ounces pouch and this is as low as 35 Cents Per pouch They also have one liter here this is 22 Dollars and 95 cents they have A blue can 50-year shelf life emergency Drinking water this is in a 12 ounce can And this is as low as 36 dollars and 95 Cents They have here as well they can they Have like a pallet this is 1995 Dollars And so on so yeah It’s pretty much In here so whether you like it in a Pouch In a bottle or in a can or if you want To supply Ahead of time you can buy it in a pallet Or in a box So yeah again we have more prepared.com We have redcross.org Cprsavers.com Here

And we have sos products.com And emergencykits.com So That’s it about Our top on the list which is water so Please Stay tuned and watch the next video Thank you so much