Water Purifier Tactics, Tips & Tools For Survival | 10 ITEMS TO ADD TO YOUR WILDERNESS SURVIVAL KIT

A human can survive without food for approximately three weeks, however that’s not the case for water. At most, a person can go up to a week without any water–but it’s more likely three to four days. Thus, a water purification system is necessary to carry in the event you run out of your own water. As a backup, pack water purification tablets in case your system ceases to work.

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Hi guys and welcome back to this video Um so Uh we are on our uh fifth item to add to Your wilderness survival kit So for The fifth i item it’s about water Purification systems so a human can Survive without food or approximate for Approximately three weeks so however That is not the case for water At most a person co can go Up to a week without any water but it’s More likely three to four days Thus a water purification system is Necessary To carry in the event You run out of your um Own water So as a backup uh pack water Purification tablets Or straws in case your system ceases to Work so i’m going to show you five Websites where you can actually buy Waterproof water purification um Filters so we have here uh we have live Straw so this is only 12.99 It says here it protects against Bacteria parasites micro Microplastics dirt sand and cloudiness This is independently lab tested durable And bpa free Ultimate survival tool no shelf life Which is great and easy to clean and

Store So you can also get replacements and Accessories here in their website Again for 12.99 This is so they have like style They have blue Green and there’s also like a three pack So if you buy the three pack it’s 38 Dollars and 97 cents so it’s on sale And if you scroll down oh if you click On that one says Uh what it looks like so you can Directly drink from it um as it filters The water directly from that filter There you go see And if you want to watch the video just Click on this one So if you scroll down you will see the Description Again it removes 99.99 percent of bacteria it’s Ultralight and durable Long-lasting and Again there is no shelf life so there is Also the specs Membrane microfilter lasts up to 1 000 Gallons So there’s like the weight dimensions Inclusion is live strong lanyard and the User manual Uh resources if you want to click more If you want to know more about it just Click on these

Blue things There oh there is like a warranty and Shipping policies as well just click on That one for more information So again this product is ideal for Outdoor activities camping and survival So replacement filters and Accessories Here So this is how the product works Uh just click this one Okay and there is also like a Recommendations from experts who use the Product so it’s a 4.6 out of 5 star Reviews out of 63 reviews it says They’re portable easy to find Lightweight and peace of mind are words That come to mind Have not had a chance to use it yet but Satisfied with shipping and company’s Reputation Wonderful purchase this is vital this is A vital tool to have highly recommended Yeah This is great especially if Um You are like on a camping and you don’t Have any water resources and you want to Make sure that your water is filtered And clean so this is great so this is Life straw Next up we have the survivor filter This is it says here trusted by over 120 000 customers worldwide so they have a

Survivor filter pro portable water Filter pump so this is what it looks Like So that’s what it looks like So it’s a water pump Just Put it in the water put it in and then Just pump it pump the water It says here about the product it’s a Life-saving emergency equipment under 100 Most compact and lightweight in all one Filler filter at twelve Point eight ounces filtered filters down To zero point zero one micron ten Nanometers billions of emitter Um cleaning uh cleanable outdoors and on The go we’ve seen included syringe packs Away neatly into the included carrying Case which is this one This one And Long-lasting and budget-friendly choice Take water directly from the source While while out in nature comes with a Drinking cup that doubles as a filter Cover Tested by certified labs triple Filtration against virus bacteria Protozoa heavy metals and more Improves water taste and Water odor and with a fast flow rate of 500 Ml per minute

So it says here remains are our top Choice for best portable water filter If you’re worried about water quality And need a filter that works consider The survivor filter pro So this is There these are their Reviews And these this is this three stage Filter technology So the micro membrane filter will remove Most harmful bacteria this is The ultra filter And this is the carbon filter Here So this is um he it says here seven Years later Our customers still love this filter So it’s For a long Time of usage What is the shelf life if unused keeping The survivor filter pro in storage for Any length of time will not reduce its Lifespan so if it is used and ensure All components are backwashed clean and Dry before storing away we recommend to Completely clean your filter system if Storing away for two Plus weeks or more so if you have any Questions Frequently Ask questions related it’s just here Click it and there’s your answer

Can i trust this device it says here we Have never had a single case of reported Viral infection from our devices and Have sold these to the following Governments for emergency use like ghana Colombia philippines marine u.s special Forces as well as smaller regional state Forestry and park ranger departments in The usa just to name a few if you Or your family are really concerned About viruses we recommend pre-treating With a steripen or chlorine dioxide taps Like an aqua tub for your peace of mind So over one thousand nine hundred five Star reviews which is great Wow All right so again that is For survivor filter Let’s go to go sun they have flows or Solar power Purity fire plus pump it’s 249 dollars Um it says your purifying system that Doesn’t require hand pumping Unlike um survivor filter but this one Is it doesn’t require hand pumping and Which is great But it’s 249 dollars so yeah it says Pretty purify water more waste drink Take anywhere powered by the sun There’s a video here if you want to Learn more about the product on how to Use and Just click on this one These are

More Of The product here There is um Frequently asked questions here Scroll down a little bit more there’s The tech specs the weight dimensions Here So it’s 2.75 pounds dimensions at cable Length textbooks and in the box and more In the flow series there is more to it And if you want Just search for more of this product So yeah again this is flow this is 249 Dollars next up we have sawyer so this Is the mini water filtration system And it says here our number one selling Model the mini filter is a great choice For outdoor enthusiasts and emergency Preparedness so actually can definitely Drink directly from the water by using This product So again full product description here And Stats and specifications Use cases ideal for outdoor recreation Hiking camping High performance com uh compatibility Removal rates 99.99 And the cleat at the kit uh includes Um this one filter rated up to 100 000 Gallons includes one sawyer meter filter 16 ounce of reusable squeeze pouch and Seven inch drinking straw and a cleaning

Plunger Scroll down a little bit more there is This is uh there is the frequently asked Product question so filter compatibility How do i care for my filter during Freezing weather so on And so And if you want to shop similar items They have also the s3 select power Water purifier and the s1 select water Filter There we go so again that is sawyer for Let me check Yeah Next up we have grail for grail.com We have Purifier water and purified water Anywhere so this is top-rated and Best-selling water filtration and Purification for backpacking hiking Camping emergency prep and global Travel so it’s um Let me see here it’s it’s like a tumbler But it’s a waterproof uh water purifier If you want to know more click on this And watch the video So this removes all global waterborne Pathogens and filters many chemicals Pesticides herbicides heavy metals vocs And flavors and odors So removes uh these viruses bacterias And protozoa And the chemicals also the heavy uh Metals

They also have our replacement Cartridges which is great so this uh This is the cartridges In that one So if you really wanted to have like a Water bottle as well as A water bottle but this one is this is One this one is great because it’s a Water bottle But it it’s already uh purified water Purifiers which is Handy and compact So yeah again Oh let me see so the prices It’s like It ranges from eighty dollars to Ninety dollars Yeah so we have here Eighty dollars and ninety five cents Let’s click this one There Okay you can also select a color here Okay [Music] So this is what it looks like The features Okay Uh tech specs So the capacit uh the capacity is 24 Ounces Weight 15.9 Height 10.4 inches diameter 3.4 inches Flow rate 8 seconds per 24 ounces that’s 5 liters per minute

Okay [Music] The cartridge lifespan rated for 350 cycles which is 65 gallons or 250 Liters Okay So the cartridge uh shelf life stored Under proper Conditions and an opened purifier Cartridge Has a shelf life of 10 years After our cartridge has been used it Lasts at least three Additional years which is great And there you go So again this is eighty eighty dollars And ninety five cents it’s on sale And you can also click Your the color that you want There you go All right so again that is grail Sawyer Ghost sun Survivor filter and lifestraw so thank You so much for watching and please I hope to see you on the next video bye