Washable Tracker T-shirt B’zT® movie

The safety of every child world-wide is a social and corporate responsibility. There are many preventive measures that parents, schools, communities and governments do to protect our youngest and most vulnerable citizens every day. The advances in technologyand various child safety laws have made these efforts easier with, GPS Child Tracking Devices, School Security Scanners and with laws like Amber’s Law. Now, thanks to a new innovation and vision for protecting children, a team of Entrepreneurs, N/A/M’s Apparel and Chience, ICT Company has developed The World’sFirst Washable Smart T-shirt for Children. A T-shirt with pre-embedded technology designed to prevent children from getting lost and find one that is missing.

Parents and teachers are children’s first line of protection and are responsible for overseeing the safety of children. It is for this reason that this child safety product will be primarily geared towards any institution where children can be found (schools, museums, airports, shopping malls and other hang- out spots for children).

The creators of B’z T® are committed to child safety and have discovered a way to decrease the number of children that turn up missing every year. But, keeping children safe is a collaborative effort. Just like “it takes a village to raise a child”, it takes multipleentities coming together to protect our children.

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