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Van Life – Tour of our Awesome Campervan!

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Van Life – Tour of our Awesome Campervan!


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– Welcome to our awesome minimalist camper van!

We bought this van 3 months ago for $5,000. It’s a 2002 Ford E-150 that already had 114,000 miles on it.

We’ve already driven it 3000 miles across the US from East to West and camped in it along the way. Living in a van is something we’ve wanted to do for a long time and we’re planning to move into the van full time starting in May 2015.

You’ll see that we kept our setup very simple so that we’d be able to get on the road as quickly as possible. We added bins under the bed to keep our kitchen and bathroom stuff organized. We use a cooler as a fridge and we have a couple of big baskets to make everyday items easily accessible (flashlights, toilet paper, hats, water bottles etc.).

We’re thinking of adding a solar panel and maybe a kitchen counter top to make it more comfortable before moving in. We’ll keep you posted about these upgrades and other van dwelling adventures.

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