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URBAN DECA HOMES|Rent to Own Condo

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Equity/DP starts at 8k-9k Monthly for 2-BEDROOM units
The largest residential development along Ortigas Avenue Extension
Best alternative for those who are looking for homes near their places of work.
This is ideal for those who work and live in the CBD Areas and Pasig Area.
This project targets the B, C & D markets.

Socio-economic B, C & D market

Young professionals aged 35 years old

Single or early nesters

Ideal for those who work in the CBD
areas of Ortigas, Taguig,Eastwood,
Cubao and Makati

Current residents of the Pasig area

Start-up families


Urban Deca Homes Ortigas provides amenities that are thoughtfully designed to complement
everyday living, which allows you to enjoy moments that bring you and your loved ones closer than

POCKET PARKS found in a 1.3 hectare open space where you can recharge after a long day

MULTI PURPOSE HALL to celebrate memorable family events

COMMUNITY MALL because convenience is key.

CHILDREN’S PLAYGROUND where your children can enjoy the outdoors
COMMUNITY MALL because convenience is key

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