UNICORN in our BACKYARD?! Surprising Adley with her Favorite Dream in Real Life! (pet horse routine)

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Then some family time and my new fave MAGIC SPOON cereal!


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Today is a huge surprise day!! This is something that Jenny and I have wanted to do for 2 or 3 months and it’s finally happening! Almost every morning at breakfast when I ask Adley what she dreamt about she says “A unicorn in our backyard!” combine that with riding horses at her school a few days ago and her favorite show, spirit the horse, she is just obsessed with horses. So, to make her dreams come true, we got a little pony dressed up like a Unicorn.

But we need to come up with a fun reason for us to go outside. Adley just got some new disney princess dresses, so we decide to go have her pick out her favorite and get a princess makeover from mom. We tell Aldey that we should go outside to pick flowers but really it’s surprise time! The look on Adley’s face is priceless, such genuine shock and surprise! We go and say hi to Bling the Unicorn and Adley takes it for a ride around the backyard! She looks so cute being a little princes on a unicorn!

We then help take care of the horse as Adley learns how to feed it and take care of bling! Aldey wants to take it for another ride but in the front yard this time. We run into some of her friends and she is so nice, she lets them have a turn on her unicorn. For some of them, this is the first time on a horse.

It’s then time to say goodbye to Bling, huge thanks to Whitney and Dax for bring the unicorn over! It was so much fun and Adley loved it.

After getting some work done, I come home to find the family playing with train. A new game the whole family is having fun with. We also show you our newly organized pantry and this is the prefect opportunity to show you guys Magic Spoon! Its the cereal that we’ve been working with at the spacestaiton and I love it!! Check it here —

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