Twin Flames ?? LETTER 29 – LETTING GO FOR LOVE ??

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Distance Healing – $20.00 – email

Oracle Energy Reading – $20.00 (vid)

Whatsssup Reading – $20.00 (vid)

11:11 Reading – Overall energy for this year & Letter Reading – $11.11 (vid)

Akashic Record 8 question Reading – $80.00 – email

Channelled Letter – $10.00 – email

Crystal Grid Membership – £14.44 for non Uk, £12.22 for uk

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Akashic Record Reading & Healing Guidance – 8 questions – $80.00 you receive an email with answers to questions and guidance on how to update your records to be on your highest and best path and an Akashic Record oracle card for guidance

11:11 video reading – Starman tarot for 2019 and a Channelled letter, pick a number between 1 – 266, payment via PayPal

Channelled letter $10

Distance Healing or card reading SPECIAL $20

Divine Love Letter Books 1 & 2 & 3 (the glory of love) & A Little Book of Divine Love Mantras & Magic Mantras on Amazon

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11:11 Gateway Video & Ceremony

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Info on Healings/Readings & Crystal Grid

Divine Love Healing – I connect to your energies and see everything like a film, I give you a write up of what I see, any songs that come through and any guidance that I receive for you – you receive an email update within 7-10 days

Card Reading – I use oracle cards and you receive a private yt vid – all readings have a healing intent put into them

Crystal Grid Membership:  I have been guided to set up a Divine Love crystal grid using Holy Fire Reiki to send out unconditional love to raise the planet in Love & Light. It is for divine partners to harmonise their energies, I do a weekly distance Holy Fire Reiki healing using the grid which sends out a high love vibration to you, your twin, all divine partners and in turn the planet. If you would like to join, please send me your name, your divine partner’s name and your address – I will send you a piece of rose quartz which is infused with the energies of the grid, if you meditate over it with the intent to send unconditional love to your twin, the grid and out to raise Love & Light.  

To join the Crystal grid & receive a photo of the grid is £5.00 – send email with names/initials

To receive the group healing & rose quartz and join the grid is £11.11 + postage – links to pay below  

Please send me your names/postal address to: [email protected]

U.K. Is £12.22 with postage – please click on the link to pay  

Outside of UK is £14.44  


I hope this message has helped you on your journey, if you would like to join the grid that would be AMAAAAZING – as the community grows, so does the strength of the grid.  

If you find my messages helpful on your journey and you would like to donate to my channel to help set up a healing retreat then any donation is gratefully received ??❤️

Good luck to you and lots of love  Namaste x x x ❤️?❤️?❤️X X X

❤️our eyes are the windows to our soul and our hearts hold all the answers ❤️

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