TWIN FLAME PICK A CARD READING | Blocked? No contact? Will they speak up? What will they say? ?

7 Day Prayer Miracle

Group 1(Angelite): 1:55
Group 2 (Bluelace agate): 16:49
Group 3 (Amazonite): 25:43


– Access to members only facebook group
– Weekly mindfulness activity
– Weekly guided meditation
– Weekly talk on topics you guys suggest (tarot, spirit babies, meditation, pyshic development, astrology etc)
– 3 bonus readings per week

– Live readings over Zoom
– Coaching sessions
– Channelled messages delivered via email
– Recorded video readings
– Pendulum readings for Y/N questions
– Spirit animal readings


– Message cards
– Blunt truth message cards
– Soul connections journey


– Online psychic development course
– 7 day chakra cleanse
– Trinity transformation
– Much more coming soon!



β™‹?ABOUT ME?β™‹
My name is Emily and I am an intuitive tarot reader with clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient abilities which means when I read cards, I hear, see and feel things which help me channel messages for you. I am a divine feminine and work mainly with twin flames helping them on their journey to union, which starts with inner union. I offer personal tarot readings as well as spiritual coaching sessions to help you overcome your own blocks and find inner union.

By law I must state this is for entertainment purposes only. This does not take the place of any medical diagnosis or legal advice. Any major decisions should be consulted by a professional. This does not take the place of that.

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