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Tumeric product reviews for pain relief

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Tumeric product reviews for pain relief

I review 3 Tumeric liquid extract products. I take a dropper full in my hot coffee or tea in the mornings for pain relief. It really helps with inflammation and musculoskeletal pain.

My favorite is DoTerra essential oil. Here are the links: It sells for around $34 U.S. dollars. A little goes a long way, only one drop/day.

to order from my friend or order off Amazon at:

My second favorite is Organic Tumeric Root Extract Liquid by Herb Pharmacy and sells for $12 U.S. dollars/ounce.

My third choice is Liquid Turmeric Curcumin by Qunol that sells for $28.00 U.S. dollars per 40 servings. It requires refrigeration and comes with black pepper infused which is good for absorption but heat is required for maximum absorption.


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