Tuft & Needle vs Casper | #1 Mattress Review Guide (2020)

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Tuft & Needle vs Casper | Mattress Review Guide (2020). In this video, Jeff covers Casper vs Tuft and Needle. This comparison includes the Casper Hybrid vs Tuft and Needle as well as the Tuft and Needle Hybrid vs Casper.

Casper: An extremely popular foam bed in a box that is 12″ thick. The bed is made of four different layers. One of the layers is a zoned support foam. This layer is split into three different sections. The top and bottom sections are slightly softer for pressure relief purposes. The middle portion under your lower back is slightly firmer for support purposes. Overall, the Casper mattress has a soft, neutral foam feel. We think the bed lands around medium on the firmness scale, making it a great option for back sleepers, stomach sleepers and side sleepers. From a price perspective, Casper is more expensive than Tuft and Needle. By the way, Casper also comes in a hybrid option (called the Casper Hybrid). This model swaps dense support foam for pocketed coils, making it the better option for heavy people.

Casper Essential: Another one of Casper’s most popular beds is the Casper Essential mattress. You will see a lot of people asking the Casper Essential vs Tuft and Needle question, and we totally get it. After all, both are budget mattresses made with foam, so people what to know what the difference is. Basically, the difference is slightly in firmness, the cover, and some of the inside foams.

Tuft & Needle: This might be the most popular cheap bed in a box on the market. It’s comprised of two foam layers, including the company’s T&N Adaptive foam. The bed has a similar neutral foam feel and medium firmness profile as the Original Casper mattress. Really, you’d opt for the Tuft & Needle mattress if you’re on a tight budget. The company also offers a coils mattress called the Tuft and Needle Hybrid. Like the Casper Hybrid, the Tuft & Needle Hybrid is better for large people.

Tuft and Needle Mint: This is a softer mattress with a similar feel to the original Tuft and Needle Mattress. In terms of how the Tuft and Needle Mint vs Casper conversation goes, well, it’s really a story of mattress firmness. For instance, Tuft and Needle Mint is about a medium-soft, while Casper is basically a true medium on the firmness scale.

Hybrid Beds: If you visit their websites, you’ll see a Casper Hybrid and Tuft and Needle Hybrid. Both of these are basically the original beds withe coils. Now, this video doesn’t go through a head-to-head comparison of Tuft and Needle Hybrid vs Casper Hybrid, but the story is fairly simple since they have a good deal in common.

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