True White Advanced Plus 3 Teeth Whitening System

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I have always wanted to try an LED teeth whitening device and I finally did! I tried outTrue White Advanced Plus 3 Teeth Whitening System for four straight days and took pictures each day. When I looked in the mirror I didn’t see a shocking difference but when I looked at the photos (at the end of this youtube) I could see where it gradually whitened each day. My teeth were already a bit white to begin with so the before and after is as shocking, but the people I see on a daily basis noticed a difference as well! The system is very easy to use. You take it out of the box, pop in 2 AA batteries, brush on ‘Step 1’ gel, put the LED light in your mouth for 8 minutes, spit, and repeat for Steps 2 and 3 then brush your teeth after. You can find this exact product on their website or on Amazon Prime using this link There are other style TrueWhite systems, but the Advanced Plus 3 is the only one I’ve used.

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