Top 5 Sleep Products a Sleep Expert Uses! | Room Check: Wes Edition

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Top 5 Sleep Products a Sleep Expert Uses! | Room Check: Wes Edition. In this video Wes who is a Certified Sleep Science Coach, goes over the main products he uses to get a restful night’s sleep.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:50 – Room Tour!
1:23 – BB Sedona
2:30 – BB Talalay Latex Pillow
3:00 – Other Pillows
3:30 – Purple SoftStretch Sheets
4:00 – Other Sheets
5:05 – Helix Adjustable Base
5:46 – Casper Glow Light
6:32 – Withings Sleep Tracking
7:30 – Conclusion

I've tested hundreds of mattresses and Slept on some of the weirdest stuff that You could imagine from beds with hoses That pump air or water through them to Pillows that weigh up to 10 pounds but In this video I'm going to tell you About my favorite sleep accessories Stuff that I trust every night hi I'm Wes I work over here at the slumber yard A place where we have rooms full of Mattresses that we test review and Ultimately tell you guys about so you Can make your own mattress purchasing Decision and in my time at the yard We've reviewed hundreds of products all Inside of this bedroom which is actually Just a set you know I don't really sleep Here but in this video I'm going to tell You about my real sleep setup my real Favorite sleep accessories I'm Wes and This is my room check foreign [Music] All right so here we are in my real room You can tell because of that photo that I took you know I've got my plant back There Lake Tahoe one of my favorite Spots and even a portrait that I'm very Fond of [Music] Now before I get into all of my favorite Sleep accessories I do want to say that The Slumber yard did receive these Products for free to review and tell you Guys about them but obviously I decided

Which one would make it into this video Now obviously I picked all of these Sleep accessories myself they're the Ones that I'm using consistently and the Ones that I'm coming back to on a Regular basis but let's start this whole Thing off with mattresses now I used to Sleep on an older version of the Casper Wave mattress the all foam one but now It's in my parents guest room and those Guests are pretty happy because it's a Nice bed but I've upgraded to the Sedona Mattress by Brooklyn Bedding this is a Bed with pocketed coils it's around a Medium it has pretty much a soft neutral Accommodating foam feel that's pretty Similar to that of a Casper wave kind of Why I made that transition over to it so Initially going from that all foam Casper wave to the Sedona I really Thought the Sedona was quite a bit Softer but you know I gave it around 30 Nights and then I became really Comfortable with it and I really like Those pocketed coils also something Great about the Sedona is it has a Cooling cover which in my time using it I felt it can be pretty slick so you Want to get some good sheets that will You know stick on the mattress but we'll Get into all the sheets later in this Video but I did notice that that cover Was noticeably cooler than the original All-foam Casper wave so one of the main

Reasons why I'm sticking with it and you Know it might be something that moves The needle for you if you're looking for A cooling option all right we talked Mattresses but now it's time for pretty Much what I think would be the number Two most important thing in your Sleeping setup and that would be pillows And I definitely have an all-time Favorite pillow it's the pillow that I'm Using almost every night and that would Be the Brooklyn Bedding all latex pillow Now the reason why this is my number one Favorite pillow of all time is because Of the material latex foam it's shaped Like a normal pillow it kind of feels Like a normal pillow but the latex Material maintains the shape in the Middle you know with a down pillow it Might kind of fluff out to the sides but This thing stays in one unit throughout The night and it's really comfortable as Well but I'm definitely not talking Smack on down pillows I am also using The Casper down pillow it's kind of like My secondary pillow you know if you need A little bit more support or need a good Pillow fight down pillows are always the Way to go some other pillows that I Really like is the amerisleep Dual Comfort that exists at my parents house You know it's always nice to have a Spare pillow there in case you ever get Stuck there and then the Emma pillow is

Kind of my travel pillow something that I can you know squeeze up and take on The go now we've talked mattresses we've Talked pillows but something that often Gets overlooked is sheets and I've got a Couple good choices at least stuff that I really like and the first one the Thing that's on my bed right now would Be the purple soft stretch sheets now One reason why I really like these Sheets is they kind of have like a tie At the bottom where you can tighten them Make sure that they're totally on the Bed you know I talked about that cooling Cover of the Sedona mattress can Sometimes get a little slippy that Sometimes will mean that the sheets will Bunch up together but with these purple Sheets you can pull that thing tight and Make sure it's not going to crinkle up On you now the next pair of sheets that I really like are from the brand Eucalyptus and it's their classic sheet Set it and the reason that I'm using Them and really like them is because They're light you know they feel really Breathable and Eucalyptus in general is Supposed to be a temperature regulating Material so it's supposed to help you Sleep a little cooler which is nice They're also really soft and I do like The color so definitely a pair of sheets I'll be using if the others are in the Wash speaking of other sheets though

Brook Lennon makes a really good pair of Sheets they're constantly getting the Rotation and one last honorable mention Would be the sheets from pillow Cube and These are pretty cool pretty interesting They actually zip on top of the entire Bed and below it and then the sheets zip Onto the bottom so they're definitely Not going to be falling off or getting Pulled off by your pet or something like That so if you definitely want sheets That will stay put check out pillow Cube And those sheets are actually referred To as the zip fit sheets and if you need Any more information about those or any Of the other products I've mentioned Always feel free to go down below in the Description box order our website because we've done Tons of content and videos about a lot Of these products on this list and we Might even have some discounts down There to save you some money on those Products one of the next products coming Up I'm pretty sure we have a discount For and that would be the Helix Adjustable base now this is something That I probably would never have if I Didn't work at the slumber yard and got To test it out but it's really cool if You have a really small space like I do If you want to get into a seated Position to maybe watch TV or the game It's just always great to have that

Option and another reason why I really Like this adjustable base is because It's pretty darn tall you can fit tons Of stuff under your bed and I know you Can't see it from this shot but there's So much room to store stuff under there I've actually got a chest with all my Old school supplies a cooler all of my Camping gear a stand-up paddle board of Course it's a blow up one golf clubs Skis and all of my ski gear so yeah lots Of storage space all right moving on to The last category of things and this Would all pretty much be summed up as Sleep Tech and the first one which I've Done a full in-depth review on would be The Casper glow light sitting over there It's pretty much my main alarm these Days and I like it because it doesn't Make noise it doesn't beep or anything Like that it just slowly gets bright Right and before you know it you're Awake I'm actually a pretty big fan of Sun lamp alarms I've got my old Amazon One right behind me and nowadays it Pretty much just sits there to tell the Time and charge my phone because of the Casper glow light but I would definitely Recommend checking something like that Out you might not want to though if you Are a heavy sleeper that needs something Loud to wake you up but if you need any More information about the Casper glow Light we've done a full video review on

It and I'll be linked Down Below in the Description for you and moving on to the Last product on this list is kind of a Tandem and it's from the Brand's with Things you have their scan watch and Their whipping sleeping pad and these Are pretty much to help track your sleep Working at the slumber yard I kind of Need to know how good or bad I'm Sleeping so we've tried a bunch of Different things like fitbits and other Watches and I'm not a huge fan of all The watch stuff because I feel them Pretty clunky at night but with the with Things pad you basically just put it Underneath your mattress and it records All your sleeping data and then wearing This watch Battleground record all your Waking data and that all goes into one App where you can see everything Regarding your sleep steps and even Heart rate now I know everyone's Different and everyone has their Different sleep tracking Tech they like To use I know people who swear by the Aura ring or other people who love those Garmin watches but for me this with Things watch combined with the pad does Exactly what I want because I don't have To wear this at night and I still can if I want to you know if I'm out camping I Can wear the watch and see how good I Slept anyway but that's basically my Room check you know those are the things

That I sleep with on a consistent basis My sleep nightly drivers so to say but What do you guys think would you like to See full written reviews about any of The things on this list is there Anything you want to learn more about Write us down below in those comments we Would love to hear from you and if you Enjoyed this style of video we would Really appreciate it if you hit the Thumbs up or subscribe to the channel For more stuff like this I know JD's Probably going to be having a room check Pretty darn soon But if you need any more information About anything online bed related feel Free to go to our website or check down below in That description box we'll have tons of More great content for you down there But for the rest of the Slumber yard Team I'm Wes wishing you a good night's Sleep [Music] Watch another video and take It we got mattress Es by you guys and discounts to save you The most amount of money [Music]