Top 10 Smelliest Animals

Top 10 Smelliest Animals

Some animals smell foul for a number of reasons.

In some cases it’s a self-defense mechanism; if they feel threatened they will release a noxious spray which will deter any predator. Others may use their musk to mark their territory or keep their food safe from scavengers or it may be that their hair is continually sprayed with their own urine.

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[Music] Hi guys and welcome back so let’s talk About the top 10 smelliest animals Let’s go Some animals smell foul for a number of Reasons In some cases it’s a self-defense Mechanism If they feel threatened they will Release a nauseous prey which will deter Any predator Others may use their musk to mark their Territory or keep their food safe from Scavengers or it may be that Their hair is continually sprayed with Their own urine Watch on to learn some fascinating facts About some of the world’s smelliest Animals Millipede when millipedes feel they are In danger they curl up into a spiral With some releasing a disgusting Smelling liquid that deters Many of the animals that prey on them One species secretes hydrogen cyanide a Highly poisonous chemical Just one much millipede generates enough Hydrogen cyanide to kill a mouse six Times over and the gas released by 100 Millipedes could kill a human Think bird A huatsin also known as a stinkbird is a Tropical bird found in amazon and Orinoco delta in south america

Distinct word gets its name Or its charming name because of its Digestive system The stinkbird is the only bird in the World that lives almost entirely on diet Of leaves Using bacterial fermentation in the Front part of the gut to break down the Vegetable material and because of Aromatic compounds in the leaves They eat combined with the fermentation Process Stink birds produce a highly Disagreeable manure-like smell Strip pole cap A skunk-like member of the weasel family Will use a well-aimed foul smelling Spray much like the skunk To deter Any would-be predators Some reports indicate that this Secretion can be smelled up to half a Mile away Lesser and Eater The latter ant eater is regarded as one Of the most foul smelling creatures in The animal kingdom Their pungent odor is about four to Seven times stronger than that of the Skunk It is possible to smell The lesser ant eater up to 50 meters Away

Tasmanian devil Now found in the wild only on the Australian island state of tasmania These creatures can give off a very Powerful odor when under stress this Helps them to protect their environment But when calm and relaxed they are not Smelly at all Musk ask These furry horned Mammals that inhabit the arctic produce A smelly musk from their urine and it is Only produced by the males and is used To mark their territory during mating Season When marking their territory a lot of Their urine gets matted into the hair Around their underbelly giving them Their distinctive smell Stink bug Native to china korea japan and taiwan Stink bugs are now found in almost every Area of the united states after being Accidentally introduced They get their name from unpleasant odor Of the chemical they produce in glands On their abdomen when they are Threatened Some species can actually spray the Chemical several inches Wolverine Wolverines are shy members of the weasel Family seldom seen by humans Like most of the weasel family they have

Glands that secrete fluid and they use To mark their territory The musky scent is very unpleasant and Has given the wolverine the nicknames of Skunk bear and nasty cat Wolverines will also spray their Leftover food and bury it so they can Eat it later Not only does this help them find it but It deters Others from eating it Discover how female wolverines ensure Their young are born when food is Plentiful in our animals a to z Bombardier beetle These beetles are most notable for the Defense mechanism that they give That gives them their name When disturbed they inject a hot Nauseous chemical spray from the tip of Their abdomen and the bombardier beetle Stores two separate chemicals on its Body Hydroquinone and hydrogen peroxide Whenever it feels threatened the Chemical is mixed with some special Enzymes heat from the reaction brings The file smelling liquid to near 100 Degrees celsius and produces a gas that Drives the ejection The bombardier beetle is able to spray Up to four times its body length and the Damage cost can be fatal to attacking Insects and small creatures and is

Painful to human skin Because of their lack of speed skunks do Not try to outrun their attackers Instead they rely on their ransom spray For protection The pungent liquid is a mix of sulfuric Chemicals which they can spray Accurately at threats up to three meters Away With the fowl or odor reaching up to a Mile away Despite the power of their spray skunks Don’t really like to use it as they only Carry about 15 cc of the chemicals in Their body And now for about five to eight sprays And it can take a week to replenish the Supply Want to know which substance is highly Toxic to humans but does no harm Discounts And that’s it for today stay safe and See you on to the next one You