Top 10 Richest Families

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Let’s have a look at the top 10 wealthiest families in the world.
Number 10. The Albrecht family net worth $41 billion.
Number nine, the bell ringer von Bombeck family net worth $45.7 billion.
Number eight, the Johnson family net worth $46.3 billion.
Number seven, the word dimer family net worth 54 point 4 billion.
Number six, the Dumar family net worth $63.9 billion
Number five, the Ambani family net worth at $1.3 billion.
Number four Al said. Net worth $100 billion.
Number three, the Koch family net worth $109.7 billion.
Number two, the Mars family net worth $120 billion.
Number one, the Walton family net worth $215 billion.

Let’s have a look at the top 10 Wealthiest families in the world number 10. the Albrecht family net worth 41 Billion dollars meet the albrechts the Highly secretive heirs to the Aldi Fortune who are worth 41 billion dollars Own Trader Joe’s and have kept a Famously low profile for decades after World War II Brothers Theo and Carl Albrecht found their mother’s Corner Grocery Store in Germany Still Standing So they ran with it transforming Aldi Into an international supermarket chain Theo also invested in Trader Joe’s Transforming it into a chain with more Than 350 stores it’s still owned by the Albrecht Family Trust Aldi short for Albrecht discount has become such a Stakeholder in Europe that other chains Like it including Walmart have never Been able to get a foothold in 2017 CNBC Estimated Aldi made over 13 billion Dollars in the US alone throughout the Decades Aldi became one of the most Profitable retail chains with over five Thousand stores across Europe and the US Little is known about the albrechts they Don’t speak to the press or attend Openings of their stores according to a German newspaper the family does not own Vacation homes private jets or Yachts But instead have chosen to live in Seclusion keeping just a couple thousand Euros in their bank account the Albrecht

Family is historically secretive and There is a lot left Unknown about the Family’s personal lives Number nine the bohringer Von bombach Family net worth 45.7 billion dollars the bullringer and Von bombach families control the German Pharmaceutical company boringer Ingelheim which has been around for more Than 130 years it operates across the Globe with 145 Affiliated companies and More than 50 000 employees on every Continent the fortune is stemming from The global pharmaceutical company Boehringer ingelheim one of the leading Pharma companies worldwide the company Is one of the leaders in animal Healthcare and offers a range of Medicine especially regarding Respiratory diseases the family business Got its start in 1885 when Albert Bohringer bought a small tartar Factory In Germany the following year the Factory began producing tartaric acid For use in the food industry in baking Soda and carbonated beverages In 1893 while experimenting lactic acid Was formed within two years the factory Was producing lactic acid on an Industrial scale bringing the bohringer Family great success and wealth Albert Bohringer died in 1939. over the years The company grew into one of the leading Drug makers in the world

Today the company is run by Albert Bohringer’s great-grandson Hubertus Von Bombach the bohringer Von bombach family Is notoriously secretive the company is Still today private and not listed at The Stock Exchange number eight the Johnson family net worth 46.3 billion dollars the grandfather of Fidelity Investments CEO Abigail Johnson Founded the privately held investment Giant in 1946. third generation family Member Abigail Johnson took over the CEO Role at mutual fund Behemoth Fidelity From her father Ned in late 2014. her Grandfather Edward C Johnson II died 1984 founded the boston-based company in 1946. his son Edward Ned Johnson III ran The company from 1977 until 2014 and Remains chairman of the board the Johnson family owns 49 percent of the Second largest mutual fund company in The World Behind Vanguard with 1.8 Trillion dollars in assets under Management Ned’s son Edward Johnson IV Runs a family-owned real estate company Another daughter Elizabeth is not Involved at Fidelity an estimated four Family members share the fortune the Johnson family is a major donor to Non-profits in Boston and has given to Harvard historic New England and the Institute of Contemporary Art number Seven the wertheimer family net worth 54.4 billion the wertheimer family

Fortune dates back to 1920s Paris when Pierre wertheimer funded designer Coco Chanel his grandsons Brothers Elaine and Gerard wertheimer control Chanel today Which generated 12.3 billion dollars in Revenue last year the brothers have been Working for the fashion house for 43 Years they are the third generation of Wertheimers to run the more than 100 Year old company Gerard is based in Geneva Switzerland Elaine lives in New York and has been credited with Resurrecting the Chanel brand when he Took over control of the company from His father in 1974. they own Vineyards In France and Napa Valley and breed and Race thoroughbreds like many of the Wealthiest families the warthimers Maintain a low profile and stay out of The public eye little is known about Them personally what is known is that Each owns half of Chanel they rarely Attend Chanel events and never use their Names in advertising as for why they Stay so out of the public eye in a 2002 Interview Gerard said it’s about Coco Chanel it’s about Carl it’s about Everyone who works and creates at Chanel It’s not about the wartheimers number 6. The Duma family net worth 63.9 billion dollars luxury goods Dynasty Hermes is the basis for the Dumas family fortune its Origins Trace Back to the 1800s when Thierry Hermes

Began and making writing gear for Noblemen fast forward to the 1970s and Descendant Jean-Louis Dumas took the Company Global today Pierre Alexis Dumas Is the artistic director and axel Duma Is the company chairman according to the Aramais group’s website French fashion House and luxury purveya aramais has Dazzled the world with its signature Scars neckties and perfumes as well as Its iconic Kelly and Birkin handbags Back in the 19th century Thierry Ermas Fashioned writing apparel for the Aristocracy Thierry Aramis and orphan Was skilled with leather so skilled in Fact that his main clients in the 19th Century were royal families Hermes has Flourished due in large part to the Enduring demand for its leather goods The Kelly handbag starts at 8 450 the Birkin bag starts at 8 850 right now on The designer resale site the real real Dot com pre-owned Birkin bags are Selling for thirteen thousand to twenty Thousand dollars on average despite the Substantial price tag air Miss bags are Coveted number five the ombani family Net worth 81.3 billion dollars the Ambani family’s Wealth lies in Reliance Industries Conglomerate in India that owns the Biggest oil refining complex in the World it owns businesses all throughout India including companies in the retail

And Telecommunications sectors Mukesh Ambani the CEO lives in a 27-story 400 000 square foot mansion in Mumbai the Famous Antilla is one of the most Expensive private residences in the World Mukesh ambani’s net worth Rose to 79.3 billion as of August 10th making Him the world’s fourth richest person Ambani’s wealth Rose by 22 billion in This year Ambani has slowly been Shifting his Focus to e-commerce with Tech Giants seeking to buy a piece of India’s fast-growing digital business While his conglomerate Reliance Industries limited was slammed by a Slump in demand for oil amid covid-19 Its shared price has more than doubled From the low in March as its digital Unit got billions in investments from Companies including Facebook Incorporated and Google number four Al-sad net worth 100 billion dollars the Immense wealth of Saudi Arabia’s royal Family comes from a combination of Proceeds from Saudi Arabia’s oil Industry which the executive office of The king Doles out to various family Members and the Royals personal earnings From negotiating government contracts And other Investments Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman alone has assets Estimated to be worth more than 17 Billion dollars and has been known to Drop Millions on mansions and Yachts the

Family is renowned for maintaining an Enviable lifestyle which has come under Severe criticism on several occasions For being wastefully extravagant and Full of pomposity with the controversial Elevation of Muhammad bin Salman MBS to The position of Crown Prince the past Few years have been Rocky for the family Number three the Koch family net worth 100 109.7 billion dollars Brothers Charles And David Koch expanded their father’s Oil refinery firm into conglomerate Coke Industries after their other brothers Frederick and William left the business Following a failed takeover Koch Industries generates roughly 115 billion Dollars in Revenue annually David Koch Passed away in August 2019 leaving his 53 billion dollar Fortune to his wife Julia flesher Coke at the time she is Now the fourth richest woman in the World the Koch family is not just Wealthy they are also incredibly Influential in politics all four of the Koch brothers have at one time or Another been diagnosed with prostate Cancer they have apparently taken the Threat seriously funding a number of Cancer research and treatment centers Including the Koch Institute for Integrative cancer research at MIT Number two the Mars family net worth 120 billion dollars Jack and John Mars

Inherited the stake in the candy Empire Mars Inc which invented M M’s Milky Way And Mars Bars when their father passed Away in 1999. Jacqueline’s son Stephen Badger was formerly chairman and is Currently on the board of directors of The privately held Mars Inc which brings In more than 38 billion dollars in Annual revenue the family is well known For their candy Empire but interestingly About half of the company’s value comes From Pet Care Holdings Mars Inc owns Several popular pet food brands Including pedigree Cesar and Royal Canin And it expanded its pet presence further In 2017 when it acquired VCA a company With almost 800 small animal vet Hospitals across the United States and Canada number one the Walton family net Worth 215 billion dollars The Waltons Are the richest family in America thanks To their Ironclad control over the World’s largest retailer Sam and Bud Walton founded Walmart in 1962 in Rogers Arkansas following its success they Founded Sam’s Club in 1983. Walmart Reported sales of 514.4 billion dollars in 2018 making it The largest retailer by Revenue in the World the Walton family fortune is Dispersed among three generations of Family members including co-founder Sam Walton’s three children Rob Jim and Alice who is one of the richest women in

The world with 56.8 billion dollar Fortune in public The Waltons live a Pretty modest life despite their wealth Which of these family fortunes are new To you is wealth inequality a concern to You after seeing this video do let us Know in the comments what you think of Them