Top 10 Most Poisonous Animals

Top 10 Most Poisonous Animals

Many animals naturally produce venoms, toxins, and poisons to defend themselves and incapacitate their prey, while others accumulate toxins from the food they eat. From jellyfish to snakes, poisonous creatures come in all different shapes, sizes, and colours. Here are 10 of the most poisonous animals in the world.

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[Music] Hi guys and welcome back so let’s talk About the top 10 most poisonous animals Let’s go Many animals naturally produce venoms Toxins and poisons to defend themselves And incapacitate their prey While others accumulate toxins from the Food they eat from jell-o fish to snakes Poisonous creatures come in all Different shapes Sizes and colors Here are the 10 of the most poisonous Animals in the world Asian tiger snake Asian tiger snake is the only snake Species that is both venomous and Poisonous Not only does it produce toxin for its Bite but it also stores poison As it obtains from its toed prey in its Skin Fooded pitahui The hooded pitahui harbors a neurotoxin In its skin and feathers called Hobobatrac Batracho toxide This can cause light numbness and Tingling in humans upon contact but is Much more harmful to smaller animals It is thought that the poison originates From the bird’s diet of beetles Hawksbills sea turtles Because hawksbill sea turtles consume a

Variety of prey including toxic algae And sponges And venomous Cinedarians Their flesh can also become incredibly Toxic This means anyone who eats the meat of One of these turtles is likely to suffer From marine turtle poisoning Complete with nausea vomiting diarrhea And other stomach complaints Hain toad pain toads have poison glands Which produce Bufo-toxin One of the most poisonous toxins in the World The toxin in their skin is so potent it Can kill a variety of animals and is Particularly dangerous to dogs Cane toad tadpoles are also highly toxic To most animals when eaten Poison dart frog The poison dart frog is small and Brightly patterned and warning predators That it is not fit to eat Their poison is kept in their skin and Affects anyone who touches or eats it Spanish fly A spanish fly is a type of blister Beetle that produces a toxin called Cantheridin Or Cantharidin to defend against predators The toxin is absorbed by the skin on

Contact and causes terrible blistering And burning pain If the beetle is eaten toxin causes Ulcers blistering and bleeding Throughout the digestive tract and can Even result in death Boom stars Foam stars contain tetradoc the toxin A potent neurotoxin that causes Paralysis and eventual death from Respiratory failure Every gram of a comb star’s flesh holds Enough toxin to kill 520 mice and Currently There is no known antidote to Tetrodotoxin Rough skinned newt There are only three species of Poisonous salamander the most poisonous Of which is the rough skin newt They hold enough tetradotoxin in their Flesh to kill most predators but produce A strong smell as a warning Those unfortunate enough to eat the newt Anyway experience numbness throughout The body and cardiac arrest Striated surgeon fish A treated certain fish accumulates Toxins through its diet While feeding on algae they sometimes Consume tiny dinoflagellates which Produce maya total toxin The buildup of this toxin in their flesh Causes

Siguatera fish poisoning which affects 20 000 to 50 000 people each year The symptoms of ciguatera are much like Any other type of food poisoning but can Last from months to years and are Sometimes so severe that the condition Is misdiagnosed as multiple sclerosis Puffer fish Liver kidneys and spikes of proper fish Contains dangerous nerve toxins Poisonous to humans While the meat of some species is Considered an expensive delicacy in some Cultures It is can or it can be fatal If prepared incorrectly and thus only Eaten when cooked by a licensed chef That’s it for today stay safe and see You on to the next one