Top 10 Memory Foam Mattress Features – MUST KNOW | Nubliss

This video gives detailed information on memory foam mattress features to know which indirectly helps in “Why use memory foam mattress?”. Here is a brief feature of memory foam mattress, check this out:

1. Scientifically engineered for every body shape.
2. No-sag technology ensures that the mattress never sags.
3. 5 layers in the memory foam mattress are perfectly aligned for power wake up.
4. Premium mattress cover can easily remove and washed.
5. Fabric liner layer in memory foam mattress will stop dust particles and bacteria from doubling.
6. Higher adaptable memory foam is good for pressure release.
7. Foam base absorbs motions.
8. The bottom layer is anti-slipping which helps in removing and slipping.
9. Memory foam molds in body shape and it resumes mattress in original shape after use.
10. Memory foam infused with cooling gel and open cell memory form design which displaces heat and makes your body stay cool.

One can shop CertiPUR-US® certified memory foam mattress with pressure-revealing surface and an OEKO-TEX® certified cover that keeps germs and bacteria at bay here:


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