Top 10 happiest countries in the world

Top 10 happiest countries in the world

Happiness is an emotional state characterized by feelings of joy, satisfaction, contentment, fulfilment, and is largely subjective from person to person. In spite of the fact that happiness can’t be measured, the United Nations take different ways into consideration to gauge it accurately and then publish the results in its annual World Happiness Report.

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[Music] Hi guys and welcome back so let’s talk About the top 10 happiest countries in The world let’s go Happiness is an emotional state Characterized by feelings of joy Satisfaction contentment fulfillment and Is Largely subjective from person to person In spite of the fact that happiness Can’t be measured the united nations Take different ways into consideration To gauge its accurately and then publish The results in its annual world Happiness report In these unprecedented times statepack Can scroll through the list of the top 10 happiest countries of the world Number one Finland Finland has topped the list of happiest Countries in the world four times in a Row for its quality of life and freedom It has also consistently ranked for the Best education systems in the world amid The covet 19 pandemic confidence in the Government has helped the nation to Protect lives and livelihood Number 2 denmark Home to the world’s most bike-friendly City and a beautiful coastline that can Keep you occupied for hours denmark is Ranked number two the danish way of Living has long been coveted through the

World the country is also committed to Renewable energy production Number three switzerland Famous for its syrian beauty switzerland Has a direct democracy system where Everything is voted on And anomaly in much of europe let alone The world the swiss citizens feel an Unparalleled sense of participation in Their country’s evolution ranging from Decisions on human rights to the Installation of the traffic light in Their neighborhood It ranked as the third happiest country In the world Number four Iceland Iceland witnessed the 2007 financial Meltdown that plunged it into crisis Since then the island icelanders know How to pull it together in testing times And there is little that faces them the Country is home to one of the best Places to see the natural magic of the Aurora borealis the northern lights Number five the netherlands A country where happiness starts young In 2013 unicef rated dutch children as The happiest in the world based on Educational well-being Safety and health what’s more exciting Is that the country’s happiness levels Have barely changed between 2005 and 2020.

Number six Norway Norway has been sliding down this Ranking since 2017 when it claimed the Top spot The norwegians have little to no Complaints about their life evaluation The country has one of the best social Security systems in the world and a Thriving economy based on its natural Resources Number seven sweden Britain lay huge emphasis on work-life Balance leading to a happier population The country has incredible natural sides With a cosmopolitan capital providing The best of both worlds swedes receive Benefits such as subsidized parental Care 480 days paid leave within when a Child is born or adopted in addition to Other health care and workplace benefits Number eight luxembourg With five weeks of vacation time a great Health care system high salaries to Employees and a strong social security System to help its citizens after Retirement the country is among the top 10 happiest countries in the world Number nine New zealand The kiwis enjoy work-life balance and Quality life owing to its natural wealth Beaches vineyards and mountains Prime minister hasinda arden has also

Been praised for her handling of the Covet 19 pandemic and opening up the Country earlier than the rest of the World Number 10 Austria Home to the most livable city in the World austria is a high-income country With good social services Themed for dreamy landscapes with Rolling green hills and pristine lakes World-class architecture culture and Pretzels no wonder why austria is one of The happiest nations in the world That’s it for today stay safe and see You on to the next one be happy