Top 10 Cheapest States To Live In The United States

Which states are currently the most affordable ?
Housing is by far the largest slice of the average American budget, representing one-third of typical household spending.
Because of this, the best way to cut your costs is to reduce how much you spend to keep a roof over your head.
One obvious way to cut costs on housing is to choose a cheaper home or apartment.
This may be a perfect time to relocate considering home prices and interest rates are back on the rise.
Low costs attract domestic migrants and can give companies an edge when it comes to attracting workers.
Here are the 10 cheapest states to live in the United States in 2019.
1. Mississippi.
2. Arkansas.
3. West Virginia.
4. Tennessee.
5. South Dakota.
6. Alabama.
7. Kentucky.
8. Ohio.
9. South Carolina.
10. Indiana.
My biggest suggestion is to visit these states. Come spend a week to decide where you want to move to.
For further detail, please reference the Living Wage Calculator. (
We took their average required wage for two adults and one child.
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