Too much light in your room? You need a Sleep EZ Shade


We have engineered and perfected this shade so you wonderfully go to sleep and stay asleep.HOW YOU ASK? Well we have blocked outside noise and made your room darker. This eliminates all the elements of why people wake up at night! We are helping tons of people right now get the full experience and resting very well with the small help from the Sleep EZ Shade. For a better sleep experience like no other. Our window shade covers your entire window. Its blocks out sunlight no matter what time of the day, blocks noise outside, saves energy, and creates privacy. Experience a sleep you haven’t in years GUARANTEED! We have designed our fabric to be EZ in all sense of the word! EZ to setup, EZ to remove, EZ to solve window issues, EZ to put up, EZ to order and much more. Get your Sleep EZ Shade at

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