TITAN Survival Dryflip Rain Jacket Review | Titan Survival Product Review Clothing Category

TITAN Survival Dryflip Rain Jacket Review | Titan Survival Product Review Clothing Category

Durable water-resistant nylon fabric, water-resistant zippers, under-arm grommets for breathability, scuba hood with adjustable elastic cord locks, and utilizes Quikflip’s® patented conversion technology so you can convert the jacket into a functional backpack when the rain fades and the sun comes out to play!

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Hi guys and welcome back so we have Another category to be Uh reviewing about and that would be the Clothing category and Um i’m not gonna discuss or review about The survival cord Survival boot laces because i have Already Reviewed that just check out the Um Uh Let me see The Cordage um paracord accessories There you go and this is The one so i’m not Gonna We’re not gonna tackle on that anymore So let’s proceed with but if you want to Look our uh review Or watch Uh that review i’m gonna put the Description Uh the link below on the description box So that um Just click on that and you will read you Will be redirected to that So um that’s the first one on the Clothing category So the next And supposedly the first Item will be the titan survival dry flip Rain jacket 2.0 so let’s click on that One

And as you can see Uh this is 89.98 So this is what it looks like All right Click on that When we’re worn by man by a man Okay By a woman Okay Okay Okay Mm-hmm Oh okay All right so that will be the last Picture um so they have it in one color Which is black but they have Um Different types of sizes so they have Small Medium large Excel is not available right now it’s Already crossed out 2xl 3xl and extra small So just go ahead and click on that one And you will see how many items left for Example if you chose the small one it’s 8 Items left for medium 10 items left 4 Large 2 items left so you can definitely See The availability real time of the Product so just go ahead and scroll down So the drive flip rain jacket 2.0 it Featured on abc shark tank and time

Magazine’s best inventions of 2019 So imagine that so it is a durable water Resistant nylon uh nylon fabric and it’s A water resistant zippers underarm Grommets for breathability scuba hood With adjustable elastic cord locks and Utilizes quick flips patented conversion Technology so you can convert the jacket Into a functional backpack when the rain Fades and the sun comes out to play so If you really wanted to like know more About it just click on this video And you can definitely watch it right There Excuse me All right so now for the specifications It is 100 durable nylon 330d with Interior Waterproof coating It is a water pressure resistant rating So like 10 000 mm Double underarm grommets for Breathability patent Pending slide and bite Backpack straps it’s fully adjustable And secondary pocket inside backpack for Smaller items Also it is a water resistant zipper for All weather protection Scuba hood with adjustable elastic draw Cords lightweight breathable backpack Lining makes straps undetectable when Jacket is being worn Locker loop in center back and

Elastic cuffs and adjustable elastic hem So for the size guide You just don’t want to if you want to Make sure that you got the right Size This is actually unisex sizing and Regular fit So for men stick to your typical sizes And for women please size down like for Example i am a size small Um so it says There to please size down i’m probably Extra small not unless if you want your Um if you want the garment to be like um Really Like you have a lot or tons of room for You if you wanted like a little bit Baggy or a little bit loose then you can Just order the small one if that’s what You prefer but if you wanted to be a Little bit uh right on the size and just Pl just size down All right so male model is six Four And is wearing a large so the this one Says here The model is actually six four so if you Are Like six flat you can definitely see Um Uh how Long it is for a six foot a six foot Four inches uh guy So

It says here is six four and wearing a Large size so if you’re like a six two Or six flat it maybe can you know either Stick to your regular fit or you can um Turn it down a little bit just to make Sure you know so for a female model is Five Seven and is wearing an extra small So okay so the female is five seven all Right so she’s really tall and is Wearing an extra small already but you Can definitely see it’s Longer so if i’m gonna wear this it’s Gonna be um i will expect that it’s Gonna be longer than me but i don’t mind So that’s okay with me And note sizing has been adjusted since Version one based on customer feedback So that’s why it’s version two because The site because of the sizing so they Adjusted that all right so for the care Uh machine wash warm do not bleach and Tumble dry low All right now so for base on 12 reviews 83 says it’s a 5 star so i’m gonna read A couple all right so for a five star we Use this product while at theme parks in Florida and they are super convenient Cover when you need it and a backpack When you don’t more colors would be nice Which is correct All right another five My new titan dry flip rain jacket pack Is now permanently in my truck and when

Not being used in the rain or wind holds All of my cold weather supplemental Items like gloves scarf wool hat etc so They are always closed at hand when Needed i primarily live in the pacific Northwest Where we get plenty of rain and i travel About 50 kilometer 50k miles per year in My truck so i always need a wide range Of clothing to stay safe and be Comfortable The titan drive flip fits great is very Durable and keeps me dry while doing all Of my outdoor activities multifunctional Like any edc equipment should have so Again it’s a great start it’s a great um Review For titan survival again This is the title survival dry flip rain Jacket version 2 and again It was featured on abc shark tank and Time magazines as one of the best Inventions of 2019 So again this is 89.98 In just one color and different types of Sizes So yeah thank you so much for watching And i’ll oh by the way if you are Interested in buying This Rain jacket or dry foot brain jacket you Can actually Uh there’s a in the in our description Box

There’s a link there you can definitely Click on that and it will redirect you To this To this um Website and then if you wanted to order Just go ahead and click on the size and The how are how many um items you wanted To order for that specific product and i Just add to carter by now so yeah so Thank you again for watching and i’ll See you on to the next one