Tips for flying with toddlers | JetKids BedBox tutorial and review


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If you’re heading on a family holiday soon, then this is a must buy. We all know that travelling with kids can be a bit of a challenge, but rest assured there are products out there that help make things a little easier. We had the helpful Gourlay family review the nifty travel gadget known as BedBox, created to help little ones get all the rest they need to keep any tired tears at bay.

Firstly some of our main top tips when it comes to travelling with kids include:

1. Picking a flight at the usual time your little one tends to sleep (we know this can be hard but the BedBox will be a game changer for this)
2. Pack a plane bag with goodies, toys and games (guess what, the BedBox has great storage)
3. Make travelling fun (keep them entertained with a suitcase they can be wheeled on, jackpot big tick for the BedBox)

In the Gourlay family’s eyes, as far as kids suitcases go, this one’s a real winner when it comes to flying with kids, “The BedBox, in our experience, is worth every penny. If you are travelling long-haul with a toddler it’s a going to work out a lot cheaper than upgrading to business class, for the same comfort (at least for them).”

Will kids use the BedBox? Will it make travelling with children easier? Is the BedBox worth the cash? Watch the video to find out!


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