Thuma Bed Review – Is It The Best Bed Frame??

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If you’re active on Instagram, you’ve probably heard of the new Thuma Bed. We had a chance to try out the Thuma Bed and are here to tell you how good it really is!

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1:43 Setting Up The Thuma Bed
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3:13 Pricing
3:29 Who Should Get The Thuma Bed?
4:03 Who Shouldn’t Get The Thuma Bed?
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The Thuma Bed is a sleek bed frame that will add a modern look to any bedroom. It is also extremely easy to build and features eco-friendly materials. However, if you want a bed to store things under, the Thuma Bed might not be right for you. Also, if you want to spend less than $1,000 for a Queen-size, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

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Hey guys Martin here from mattress Clarity if you spend much time on Instagram you've probably heard of the Fuma bed frame a lot of influencers are Trying it out and posting about it so I Wanted to try it out for myself I want To take a look at its design setting it Up who to get fit for and who it's not a Good bit for is it as high quality and Easy to set up as they say let's find Out Before we get started I will note that We received some products for free from Brands we may earn a commission if you Decide to purchase them this helps keep This content free for you and helps fund Our testing operations So now let's talk with the major details You need to know about the fuma bed First up it comes the 100 night sleep Trial a lifetime warranty and free Shipping and returns but looking at the Bed itself first off it's made from Repurposed wood it actually uses Something called Japanese joinery so Without tools you can set it up it links Together at the sides I'll actually talk About this more during the setup section It also has wooden legs and cork on the Bottom to keep it from scratching your Floor in terms of the slats going to Have recycled wood there that rolls out Very easily you have Eco felt to make it Kind of nice and even three inches

Between each slat you can also choose Between a headboard or a pillow board The headboard is also made of recycled Wood and the pillow boards made of foam With polyester fabric around it you can Also choose between different wood Colors we got the Walnut color here Today So what makes this such a special bed Frame well first off I am not the most Stylish guy but this is a very cool Looking bed frame it has a very Sleek Modernist design it's super low slung Doesn't take up a lot of space and as We'll get to in a second very easy to Set up But let's talk about setting up the Thuma bed and if you ask anybody I am The least handy guy in the world like Ikea builds give me a panic attack I am Really horrible at it so when I saw Three boxes come for this base I kind of Freaked out how I'm going to build this By myself or even with the help of a Friend but surprisingly it was super Simple again it uses something called Japanese joinery so it's almost like a Lego set so in each corner you have the Leg you have the short side and the long Side they all come together they clip Together it's super satisfying to build I would actually build this all over Again if I had the choice it was super Fun then you can screw in the center leg

To the center beam put that on and with Two kind of plastic screws screw that in No use of tools it was really easy with Emma's help under 10 minutes so a very Easy process so it is as easy as they Say to set up So now let's talk about mattress support And with the fuma bed you can actually Buy the fuma mattress it's definitely a Thinner all film mattress I wanted to Test out this bed with a thicker heavier Mattress the avocado green mattress First off I placed it on the frame Definitely felt supported when I lay Down on the mattress on my back side and Stomach I could definitely feel the Support of the frame underneath me so Very supportive I think overall very Durable it feels like no sagging Whatsoever so I think a supportive bed Frame for any type of mattress So now let's talk pricing and at full Price for a queen size Zuma bed around 1100 I think a very good deal for what You're getting but if you want the best Deal possible we got some great coupons On and in the YouTube description below So now the moment you've all been Waiting for who should get the fuma bed First off is a great option I think if You want something more eco-friendly This features organic materials it also Has reclaimed wood some more

Eco-conscious materials in this bed Frame It's also a good option if you want Something very easy to set up you need No tools whatsoever throw away that Allen wrench very easy to set up the Film up and laugh if you want something With a nice modern design something low Slung that doesn't take up a lot of Space the Doom is definitely going to Work for you So who shouldn't get the Puma bed frame First off probably not the best option If you want something super super Affordable around 1100 again is good for What you're getting but there are more Affordable options out there out there Also you want something with some more Space underneath the bed not be the best Option for you again it's very low slung Not a lot of room for storage underneath This bed and lastly speaking of the look If you don't like a lower slung bed in General the look of that you want Something more kind of traditional and Taller I would look elsewhere in the end IPhone bed is a great option for Eco-conscious Shoppers those who want Something sleek and modern it doesn't Want something very easy to set up but That's about it if you want some more Info on this fed head over to for the full written Review and some great money saving

Coupons we'll see you next time Foreign