Third Eye Meditation: most ancient, authentic, and powerful meditation guided by Nithyananda


Third eye meditation, Most Ancient, Authentic, and Powerful Meditation Guided by Nithyananda.
Nithyananda explains the origin of this technique is the Shiva Agamas, the oldest, most detailed, spiritual scriptures available to mankind, revealed by Mahadeva himself. This ancient technique is explained and guided by Nithyananda who is a living incarnation and enlightened yogi. What you will be practicing in this meditation is safe, time-tested and fool proof, and most importantly, will give you the result you are looking for.
This technique is the best initial practice to open your third eye and center your kundalini energy on the third eye. It can be practiced as a standalone technique, but It is also a great preparation for when you are coming to one of Swamiji’s programs for the direct Third Eye Initiation by Nithyandanda. This initiatiation will be given in the Inner Awakening program.

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