Thermal Blanket Tactics, Tips & Tools For Survival | 10 ITEMS TO ADD TO YOUR WILDERNESS SURVIVAL KIT

Hypothermia can happen when it’s just 50°F outside and staying warm can be difficult if your clothing is wet or limited. The use of a solar blanket can help keep your body warm when temperatures drop, especially at night. They are extremely packable, making them easy to carry.
When preparing for any outdoor adventure, be sure to pack smart and stay safe out there.

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Hi guys thank you so much for watching All the videos and this will be the last Video for Um Uh Uh the 10 items that you want to add to Your wilderness survival kit so this is The 10th Item which is solar blanket or thermal Blanket if you want so um Hypothermia can happen when it’s just 50 Degrees fahrenheit outside and staying Warm can be difficult if your clothing Is wet or limited So the use of a solar blanket or a Thermal blanket Can help keep your body warm when Temperatures drop Especially at night And There are they are extremely packable Making them easy to carry and when Preparing for any outdoor adventure be Sure to pack And to pack smart and Stay safe out there so i’m going to show You three websites that you can actually Buy a thermal Or a solar blanket so first we have um Public lands Uh they have the sol or the seoul Emergency biff kit here Uh it says here it’s 16.99 It’s a

Advanced 90 body head reflection with a Heat bouncing properties Extremely lightweight And waterproof and windproof with sealed Seams And It’s only for again 16.99 Um also they have um this is the product Information Uh the specifications Design and details and Customer review They have no reviews for now but yeah So that is for Public lands Next is tulant Um they have here the emergency blankets For survival this is extra large thermal Space four pack it’s 18.99 39 cents uh they have lots of Colors available So it depends on Your favorite color here Uh and here Below is their description oh This is free shipping over only 35 Dollars So but they have no mini membership and Quantity required okay And so the description here is to keep Warm and dry Extreme large and lightweight tough and Durable Um well packed gift set

A multiple application And yeah so there’s a lot of Um Items i can actually buy here but one of Them is the emergency blankets or Thermal blankets and you can see The reviews here It’s 4.5 out of two reviews it says your Color is my type and the price is very Nice so yeah the price is very nice and It’s a four pack Already This is what it looks like Yeah like this You can use it in Whatever situation Okay Okay last but not least we have the they have a solar Emergency survival blanket it’s four Dollars and ninety-eight cents very Lightweight uh that that is just for one Pack if you want four pack it’s already 16.98 If it’s 10 pack it’s 36.98 And This is what it looks like There it goes so this is perfect for Emergency kits Mylar insulated material provides Emergency protection in all conditions Reflects 90 of body heat and keeps the Body warm during an emergency this is a Large size

And it says your emergency space Blankets are an essential part of any Survival or emergency kit whether you Are on the go or in a vehicle or at home These blankets can be used in many Different ways it says here can reflect Up to 90 percent of body heat so this Blanket Um can keep you warm when you are cold With the ability to reflect 90 percent Of your body heat it can be a great way To help save a person during an Emergency these blankets are made of Made of a durable insulated mylar Material with a size of 82 inches by 51 Inches the blankets are compact Emergency protection that can fit Anywhere Again great multi-use survival essential It can be used as a blanket it can also Be used as a quick shelter from the rain Or snow or you can pop one of these Out of your out of their bag Have an instant protection because they Are waterproof and weatherproof And um From first aid to survival to making Your trip a little bit better And yeah so this is actually the use of A solar emergency survival blanket so Again we have A we have and the Again is really essential to have um All of these um important survival kit Uh Again it depends on your Needs and specification Uh all they just have to do is to make Sure that you pack them and if you want Them to be as lightweight as possible You can choose the most The most lightest and the most compact Um There is um if there is an unavailable One And also you can customize If you Want if you want you can customize Especially like the kits Um So that it’s more Convenient for you and you know what What are the uses of these survival kits So Yeah so that is my 10th Survival Kit that you want to add And Make sure that you are Ready in every situation um so pack up Your survival toolkits And Be ready so thank you guys for watching This video and hope to see you again

Soon bye