The World’s Best Islands for Beaches 2022

The World’s Best Islands for Beaches 2022

As the world has begun to reopen and readjust, the results reflect the kinds of destinations you longed to visit when you couldn’t travel and the ones you returned to first once you could.

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[Music] Hi guys and welcome back so let’s talk About the 10 world’s best islands for Beaches 2022 As the world has begun to reopen and Readjust the results reflect the kind of Destinations you longed to visit when You couldn’t travel and the ones you Returned to first once you could Here are the 10 islands you love most For the perfect beach getaway Number 10 british virgin islands Soon it was attracting well-heeled sun Seekers like queen elizabeth ii herself And the recently renovated property now A rosewood regularly ranks among your Favorite resorts in the world Elsewhere in the archipelago we can Snorkel off with white bay beach on yost Van dyke Sail away to remote an uninhabited Sandisk pete Or follow the crowd to the bath’s National park where enormous boulders Some as big as 40 feet in diameter Set the boundaries for calm natural Pools Number nine Mykonos greece There are certainly more secluded and Relaxing spots in the greek isles but if You’re coming to the party capital of The cichlides Chances are you’re looking for more

Stimuli than simply sun sand and surf Saro beach is a place to see and be seen As the international elite moors their Yachts offshore to lounge on laurel Piana mattress top mahogany sunbeds Under strip tucci umbrellas Number eight bermuda You’ve heard of white and black sand Beaches but the bris this british Oversees territory in the north atlantic Is home to pink sand Which gets its surprisingly rosy hue From the presence of teeny tiny Red-shelled organisms Known as foraminifera While there are a few wide stretches of Sands scattered across the island such As horseshoe bay and clearwater beach The true joy of beach going in bermuda Is discovering tucked away spots Like jobson’s cove which is encircled by Jagged limestone outcroppings and Teeming with tropical fish Number seven Seashells Lined with dense crickets of palm trees Including six species only found here The beaches of this indian ocean Archipelago Are impossibly cynic It’s reportedly among the most Photographed beaches in the world and When you see the elephant-like granite Boulders strewn about the sand

You’ll understand why Number six Angela With 33 beaches to choose from on a 35 Square mile island You’re never far from a relaxing spot to Deep your toes in the caribbean Thanks to its powdery white sand buzzing Shoal bay east is the island’s most Popular beach And its string of rum punch slinging Bars even attract day troopers from Neighboring st martin Number five boracay philippines At less than four square miles this Compact philippine island grew up fast Transforming from under the radar to Over touristed in the span of a few Rocky decades And it was temporarily shut down in 2018 To allow for much needed Redevelopment and rehabilitation The island’s most famous beach is the Three mile white beach where the sugary Sands provide the perfect blank canvas For viewing magical sunsets and blue Sail powerhouse out trigger boats that Skim along the horizon On boracay’s eastern shores steady winds Make for some of the best kite boarding And windsurfing conditions in the region Number four Maldives Don’t come to the maldives explaining

Expansive stretches of sand The indian ocean nation is made up of Some 1200 pocket-sized coral islands with the Largest being only about three square Miles The beaches are appropriately intimate But it’s their exclusivity that keeps You coming back With three maldivian spots showing up on Our resorts in the world list this year Number three bora bora french polynesia It’s not hard to see why honeymooners Flock to this gem of french polynesia An extinct volcano ringed by turquoise Lagoons Over water bungalows and a string of Flat sandy eyelets known as modis The waters off of matara beach are as Warm and calm as an infinity pool And you can walk all the way out to the Surrounding reef to easily snorkel among Confetti colored fish and stingrays Number two Aruba For first time visitors to this dutch Caribbean island it will be easy to Never step foot off the two mile strip Of palm beach with its high-rise hotels And access to water sports from Parasailing to kite surfing to fly Boarding Aka zooming above the surface of the Water on a water propelled jet pack

For something completely different it’s Hard to beat the instagram friendliness Of the renaissance wind creek aruba Resorts private beach you can get a day Pass by the way Where you can hand feed the resident Flock of flamingos whose trot among the Lounge chairs and palapas like they own The place Number one palawan philippines Protected as a unesco biosphere reserve Your your third favorite island in asia Doesn’t skimp on the geological drama From its crashed limestone cliffs to its Subway subterranean river Offshore its trap and time beaches give Away to an underwater landscape of Seagrass meadows and coral reefs which Are home to sea turtles dolphins Manatee like dugongs and endangered Giant clams You’ll find some of the most gorgeous And unspoiled beaches along the island’s Northern tip in el nido Which takes its name from the spanish Words for The nest A reference to the swift flats on Who build their edible nest on the cliff And that’s really great And it’s also the perfect getaway for Island hopping among the lush And mostly uninhabited eyelets of the Backwood bay archipelago

So Where do you want to start your vacation With these beautiful beaches That is it for today stay safe and see You on to the next one