The Ultimate Nectar Hybrid Comparison – Classic Hybrid vs Premier Hybrid vs Premier Copper Hybrid

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Nectar’s new line of hybrid mattresses combines the support and breathability of an innerspring mattress with the all-around comfort of Nectar foam. But which Nectar Hybrid is best? Watch our full video comparison to find out if the Nectar Classic Hybrid, the Nectar Premier Hybrid, or the Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid is the right mattress for you!

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0:00 Nectar Hybrid Comparison Introduction
0:30 Similarities
1:13 Construction
2:41 Firmness and Feel
2:29 Sleeping Positions
4:09 Motion Transfer and Edge Support
4:50 Pricing
5:14 Who Should Get the Nectar Classic Hybrid?
5:24 Who Should Get the Nectar Premier Hybrid?
5:33 Who Should Get the Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid?
5:52 Wrap Up

The Nectar Classic Hybrid is a great option for people looking for a quality hybrid mattress on more of a budget. This hybrid has a comfort layer of gel-infused memory foam that creates a nice, slow-moving feel and offers good pressure relief along the shoulders and hips. The slightly more expensive Nectar Premier Hybrid boasts three comfort layers, including a layer of Nectar’s proprietary ActiveLift HD foam, that work together to form a supportive yet springy feel. This is the more responsive mattress of the two.

Finally, in addition to three plush comfort layers, the luxurious Premier Copper Hybrid has a copper-infused cover to help dissipate heat. Hot sleepers, this is the hybrid mattress for you! All three of the Nectar Hybrids are best suited for side and back sleepers, as stomach sleepers may not find the firmness and support they need from these softer mattresses.

If you’re looking for a high-quality, durable, and comfortable hybrid mattress, then Nectar may have the hybrid for you!

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