The “Truth” About Sleep

There are so many conflicting opinions on how to get the sleep possible. Do you want the real truth? Stay tuned!

0:00 The Truth About Sleep Introduction
0:16 Using Technology in Bed
0:34 Eating Before Bed
0:56 Drinking Coffee Before Bed
1:30 Light In Your Bedroom
1:51 The Best Sleep Temperature
2:01 Noise In Your Bedroom
2:23 Wrap-up

Don’t listen to the “experts” who say you should keep your bedroom cool, dark, and quiet. Instead, keep it hot, bright, and loud! And, pay attention because I’ve put together the best foods to eat before bed.

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Hey guys Martin here from mattress Clarity Sleep Experts have been lying to You they want to keep you tired it's April 1st the best day to tell the truth And I want to give you the real truth About how to get the best sleep possible Let's get to it They say you shouldn't do work or watch TV in bed wrong they say the blue light Emitted by tablets phones and TVs Reduces melatonin production and robs You of good sleep wrong and you know What I don't even know what melatonin is And if I want to watch Magnum PI all Night I'm going to you're not the boss Of me The experts say you shouldn't eat too Close to bed this can make it harder to Fall asleep and to stay asleep tough Luck do what I do I recommend eating Ho-hos drinking some Mountain Dew eating Some Funyuns fun dip and Fun Size candy How can fun food be bad oh and I Recommend chicken wings the spicier the Better acid reflux a myth don't go to Bed hungry I read a study one time that says coffee Is bad for your sleep these researchers Work someplace called Johns Hopkins University never heard of it well I went To the University of Hard Knocks and I Say drink at least one or two pots of Coffee right before bed and I'm talking Dark Colombian roast

Foreign Science and Common Sense would say this Is a terrible idea but I've never had Any problems I mean everybody sees a Blue dragon at the foot of their bed Right [Music] Next up keep your room as bright as Possible I heard this sleep expert say Room should be as dark as possible to Regulate your circadian rhythms shock What are those nerds Afraid of the Dark You want to keep things nice and bright I mean mimic the Sun [Music] I don't know about you but this always Makes me feel tired then turn that Temperature up way high make it a sauna In there some experts say you should Sleep between 65 and 68 degrees nah get Your sweat on and finally play music While you sleep and I'm not talking About soothing tones here I'm talking About the rocking tunes of Imagine Dragons or my personal favorite Nickelback at full blast these Unappreciated honestly really talented Musicians should not be right to sleep [Music] In case you haven't guessed already April fools these are all the things you Don't want to do to get good sleep do Not eat or drink before bed cut out Caffeine later in the day and keep your

Room cool dark and quiet when you want To go to bed And don't ever ever listen to Imagine Dragons or Nickelback just just don't do It Bye [Music] [Music]