The Three Things Elisa Needs For A Good Night’s Sleep #shorts

How to Cure Insomnia: Tracking Down the Cause and Finding a Suitable Treatment

The article gives advice on how to track the exact cause of one’s insomnia. It provides suggestions on appropriate treatment for insomnia based on its underlying causes.

Can Adjustable Beds Help Your Sleep Apnea?

The best way to prevent sleep apnea is to sleep in a position that helps the respiratory system function with ease. For this reason, physicians recommend sleeping upright in an adjustable bed to remove pressure from the chest and enable easy breathing throughout the night.

Learn Some Simple-To-Follow Guidelines / Sleep Hygiene Tips for a Better Sleep and Better Life

There are some simple-to-follow guidelines/ Sleep Hygiene tips if given some attention will help you have a relaxed day and to be alert throughout the day. They also help avoid most of the Sleep related disorders. These Sleep Hygiene practices are very easy to be neglected.

5 Easy Steps to Get Rid of Snoring

Are you not getting enough sleep because of snoring? Does your spouse tease you about your snores? Snoring can be a cause of conflicts in your everyday routine. It can affect your job and even your personal life. Hence, it is a must to deal with it properly. With that said, you can follow the steps in this article for a better and more restful sleep every night!

Sleep Apnea Symptoms and Causes

Sleep apnea is a sleep breathing condition that the afflicted person is rarely aware of. Sleep apnea causes the breathing gaps that occur during sleep. Although there are a lot of telltale signs or sleep apnea symptoms, most of these signs are evident during sleep, making it impossible for the sufferer to detect. More often than not, it is the bed partner that detects the symptoms.

How to Cure “Incurable” Insomnia

Here’s a thought to lose sleep over: Even though insomnia isn’t considered a major health threat, like heart disease or cancer-it can ruin your life. I recently saw a patient who came to me in tears. No, she hadn’t been diagnosed with a deadly disease. She wasn’t crying about the painful divorce she had been through, or about her business that had failed. She was crying because of exhaustion. She simply was not sleeping well. (More later about how we helped her.)

A Good Night’s Sleep – 7 Reasons Why You Should Get A Good Night’s Sleep Regularly

Did you know that sleep can help you do better at work or school, or in your relationships? Did you know that the mind is 88% subconscious and 12% conscious? Find out how this works during sleep and seven important reasons why you should get regular healthy sleep.

Natural Solutions to Stop Snoring

The solution to snoring can vary. There are various things that sleep specialists recommend and we will review them here. This article is to review the number of snoring cures that may end the trauma that snoring can create within a household.

How Sleep Affects Learning

Sleep is a crucial element in making sure you not only stay healthy, but rest your brain in order to learn. There is a direct correlation between sleep and learning. Read on to find out more…

What’s the Difference From One Pillow to the Next?

Are you among the many people who still haven’t found a pillow you like? Do you even know what to look for in a pillow? Well don’t throw your hands in the air and give up quite yet, and don’t settle for a cheap pillow. Learn the difference between goose down pillows, down and feather, and poly silk.

Proper Sleep Positions for Good Sleep

You may not give it much thought, but the position you sleep in can have a lot of impact on your quality of sleep and also your general health. Certain positions have proven to be better for back health, digestion and neck pain. And if you are a snorer, there’s also plenty of advice for you as well. Read below to find out more about proper sleep positions.

How Can Deviated Septum Surgery Help You?

Septoplasty or the deviated septum surgery is performed to align the septum or the dividing wall between the nasal airways or the nostrils. It is quite common for people to have a slightly deviated or off-centred septum; a straight or aquiline nose after all is considered a beauty advantage. But not everyone is required to undergo the procedure.

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