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The Sleep EZ Swaptop Custom Latex mattress

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The Sleep EZ Swaptop Custom Latex mattress


The Sleep EZ swaptop custom latex mattress lets you easily change your levels of comfort in your own home.

Our factory direct pricing ensures you get the best deal on a custom mattress via our eCommerce web site.

How nice would it be to know your latex mattress can be designed for your own individual comfort choice and that you have the ability to adjust that comfort in your own home?

What about the sleeping partners who have very different opinions about what mattress best suits their own comfort needs?

We’ve got you covered! Our Select Sleep latex mattresses allows you to select the individual firmness in each layer.

You can arrange and rearrange the layers in your own home to find the most comfortable configuration for you. We even go one step further in the customization of your mattress by creating his and her sides that can be adjusted with different firmnesses and layers. We can join the layers for you or leave them separated for a unique and adjustable feel. It’s all your choice!

If the initial choice you made about your mattress still needs a little tweaking with a different firmness you can take advantage of our “swap top.” We have an easy swap out system to get that right layer to you quickly.

100% Natural Latex Mattress–Talalay or Dunlop
100% Organic Cotton/Wool Cover
Quilted to Certified Organic Wool

Feel confident knowing that no matter which type of latex you choose we use the finest natural products available in the industry to complete your mattress. We use the finest all natural cotton in our cover and quilt it to natural wool.

We use “all wool and only wool” as our fire barrier in your mattress cover in our latex “Select Sleep” ultra premium mattress include the: Select Sleep 7000, Select Sleep 9000, Select Sleep 10,000 and Select Sleep 13,000. This ultra premium cover requires several layers of wool to reach proper protection against mattress flammability, it’s much more costly, but it’s what we do to make it more natural for you.

Contrast this to the majority of latex mattresses for sale using a less expensive solution where “a layer of synthetic fire barrier with a small amount of wool” is used in the cover and advertised to mislead the buyer as a cover with a wool fire barrier.

Our federal prototype ID number, exclusive to Sleep EZ, is EZSS13Latex.

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