The Purple Mattress | What is Hyper Elastic Polymer?

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The Purple Mattress | What is Hyper Elastic Polymer? In this video, Wes who is a Certified Sleep Science Coach covers the Purple mattress and its special gel-like material. Hyper-elastic polymer or the GelFlex Grid is the special top layer that is found in all of Purple’s mattresses. Wes goes over the material, its properties and design elements, and what makes this layer so special. We hope you find this video helpful and helps you narrow down whether or not a Purple bed would be best for you!

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0:00 – Introduction
0:54 – Purple Overview
1:34 – The Purple Grid
2:08 – Feel & Benefits
2:54 – Material History
3:36 – Design Elements
3:55 – Purple Beds
5:04 – Final Verdict: What is Hyper-Elastic Polymer?
5:33 – Conclusion

Why are purple mattresses purple what is The purple gel Flex grid and what is the Stuff made up of well the short answer Is that stuff is called hyper elastic Polymer but for the long in-depth answer You're gonna have to stick around hey There I'm Wes welcome to the Slumber Yard and over here at the slumber yard We review all things online beds and in Today's video we're talking about what Is hyperelastic polymer what is that Comfort layer for the purple mattresses And ultimately why are purple beds Purple now I know that this is kind of a Different style of video than what we Usually do over here at the slumbyard so If you do enjoy it hit the thumbs up Button or subscribe to the channel for So much more but let's get right into This and find out why those purple beds Are in fact purple [Music] We were Real hard to find the right bed for you Could save your money Alrighty so before I get into all of That stuff about purple I do want to say That purple as a brand did send us many Of their beds for free to review but Let's talk about them right now so Purple as a brand makes some of the most Unique mattresses in the online space And even in the whole mattress industry And that's mainly due to their top layer

Their top Comfort foam layer of purple Hyperelastic polymer or the gel Flex Grid now they have changed the name of This gel Flex grid a couple different Times for marketing purposes so I'm Gonna mainly be referring to it as Hyperelastic polymer because that's what The material is made up of but in General this top Comfort layer is going To be super unique and will probably be Unlike anything you've ever tried out on A mattress now hyper-elastic polymer is A gel-like material that's really Stretchy responsive while being super Pressure relieving and body conforming When you lay down on a purple mattress On your back or stomach it'll pretty Much provide a lot of support for you But when you do switch to your side the Purple grid will kind of conform to the Shape of your body and you'll get a lot Of pressure relief as as well over here At the slumber yard we like to say it's Kind of like soft and firm in one Mattress depending on which style you're Sleeping on and we also like to compare It to a big Dr Scholl's insole except Laid on top of an entire mattress now Like I was talking about how this Material can feel almost soft and firm At the same time you'll almost feel a Little bit weightless when you're laying On your back or stomach but when you do Go to switch to your side you'll sink

Into the material and it will conform to The shape of your shoulders and hips Nicely now also because this material is Laid out in a grid format there's plenty Of space for air to travel and circulate Through making the original purple as Well as all the other purple mattresses Great options in terms of airflow so That might move the needle for any hot Sleepers out there now you see a lot of Other mattresses out there are pretty Much just one layer of foam or a lot of Other materials combined and there's not Really any place for air to circulate Through but with this purple grid There's basically a ton of little holes And so there's definitely going to be Some air circulating through which again May move that needle for any hot sleep Papers now apparently the purple grid Has been used for critical patients in Hospitals for the last 20 years and Purple as a brand holds over 30 patents Of their hyper-elastic polymer material Obviously they're using different forms In their cushions pillows and mattresses Now the material is even hyper Allergenic and it's made with recyclable Food grade and food contact grade Material which sounds pretty tasty but I Would not try to eat this stuff now this Stuff is even non-toxic and clean air Gold and Serta pure us certified and That's just to name a few and compared

To many other beds out there purple Doesn't have really an off-gassing smell There's a faint new mattress smell but That'll pretty much Fade Away pretty Quickly now the design of this hyper Elastic polymer pretty much has hundreds Of little columns on the corner of every Square where they meet which will Together provide a lot of support for The broad surfaces of your body like Your back or stomach and under Concentrated weight it'll provide some Pressure relief for something like your Shoulders or hips but now that you know All about this material what does it Mean for the purple beds and there are Actually five of them you have the Flagship all foam purple original this Will be their most affordable mattress That's right around a medium on our Firmness scale then you have the purple Plus mattress which is between a medium Soft and a medium this will be slightly More expensive than the purple original But both of those mattresses use two Inches of hyper elastic polymer for Their comfort layers after that you have The purple hybrid mattress which also Uses two inches but it has pocketed Coils to provide more support for bigger Body types and that bed is right at Around a medium firm on our firmer scale So it might be slightly better for Strict back and stomach sleepers since

It is on the firmer end of the spectrum And based on what we've seen over here At the slumber yard strict backer Stomach sleepers tend to prefer firmer Mattresses and the top tier purple Mattresses that they offer currently are The purple hybrid Premier beds you have Available in either a three inch or a Four inch the three inch will obviously Use three inches of hyper-elastic Polymer and the four inch will use four Inches and you're going to be paying the Most money for that four inch but both Are around a medium on our firmness Scale meaning they should work for all Sleeper types and since they do use Those pocketed coals as well all body Types too so that's basically the cliff Notes version of everything you need to Know about those purple beds but if you Need any more information about any one Of those beds check down below in the Description because we've done a ton of Reviews and comparisons between all of Them but that's basically all you need To know about hyperelastic polymer as Well hopefully you learned something Hopefully you enjoyed this video and to Answer my first question why are purple Beds purple it's because the stuff is Purple you know I'm sure they could dye It blue or green but purple just has a Cool ring to it but yeah let us know What you think about this video let us

Know what you think about this new style Hit the Thumbs Up Button if you did Enjoy it and feel free to subscribe to for more fun videos Just like this but for the rest of the Slumber yard team I'm Wes wishing you a Good night's sleep Foreign [Music]