The Miracle of Fasting | Dr. Jason Fung & Naomi Whittel

7 Day Prayer Miracle

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Those of you interested in health and wellness have most likely heard the name Jason Fung, and if you haven’t yet, you will. Dr. Jason Fung is a world-leading expert in intermittent fasting, and, also a friend, so I was thrilled that he was willing to chat briefly on the subject with me, and on camera, no less, so I could share it. This is just a very brief overview but there is so much more we will be discussing in upcoming videos (subscribe!) so stay tuned.

The idea of fasting is almost becoming a trend these days. We hear about it everywhere; intermittent fasts, 1 day, 2-day, even 5-day water fasts are quickly becoming part of our “healthy living” jargon. Yet, the idea is far from new. It dates back to our remote ancestors, and hunters and gatherers, and historically it has been linked with different cultures, and religious practices and rituals. Why? Did they know someone we don’t?
Studies have proven that to be quite possible and have shown us that abstinence from all food and drink except water and a few other exceptions, has incredible healing powers. In fact Japan’s Dr. Ohsumi’s research into the benefits of autophagy won him the Nobel Prize in 2016. I was fortunate to have been granted the rare opportunity to interview and chat with Dr. Ohsumi in his laboratory in Tokyo. (You can find the video here on my channel)
In an age and country where food is so accessible to us, and three meals a day (sometimes more!) is the norm for many of us, the idea of going without food for prolonged periods of time is something that some people can’t even think about, let alone attempt. Yet the health benefits are truly astounding.
In this video I want to give you a breakdown on what fasting can do for you. It’s much more than a trend and the benefits you can experience range from incredible mental alertness, and overall feelings of well-being, (even reducing feelings of depression and anxiety!), to weight loss, increased energy, increased muscle tone and improved immune health. The list is endless.
As someone who has experienced the amazing effects of fasting for the last 25 years, be it intermittent, or up to 5-day water fasts, I have experienced these benefits first hand and improved my health considerably.
In this video, I want to give you brief overview of just what fasting can do, in the words of the true authority on the subject. We’ll have many more videos coming up, educating you on the correct ways of attempting a fast and how to prepare for one.
I encourage you to take care and be wise. Fasting is not for everyone, and different people benefit from different types, so please be sure to subscribe and watch our upcoming videos (as well as my other videos here on my channel) where we’ll be giving you all the necessary information.
Thanks so much for watching, and please be sure to ask questions and leave comments, we love to hear from you!
To your health, happiness, and a better life. 🙂

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