The Mindspace Podcast #23: A Guide to Healthy Eating with Dr. Kara Nance

“I don’t think the fear of disease or the fear of adverse consequences is what gets anybody to make a long term change. I think it’s connecting with the positive aspect of whatever it is you’re choosing.”

In this episode of the Mindspace podcast, Dr. Joe speaks with Dr. Kara Nance. Kara is a physician, double-board certified in Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine. She is the founder of WellessenceMD, a medical practice in Chicago with an innovative, integrative approach to primary care and weight management. Kara is a certified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction teacher and uses mindfulness with her patients to address the cognitive, emotional, and behavioural components of diet.

Kara takes Dr. Joe on a fascinating tour of nutrition science, clinical best-practices, and the wisdom she has gained from many years of practice.

Their conversation covered:
– An analysis of several popular diets including the Ornish, paleo, ketogenic, and plant-based approaches
– The scary truth about sugar
– The challenges of managing our kids sugar intake
– The role of the microbiome
– How mindfulness can promote healthy eating
– And a variety of practical tips and tricks to maintain healthy eating habits

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