The Correct way to Install Reflectix on your Campervan or RV | Van life Insulation


Reflectix is a Radiant Barrier that needs at least a 3/4th inch gap or space to work properly. Before the Reflectix is installed correctly, radiant heat radiates off the sun heated Van metal and onto your body inside. After you Install Reflectix, the heat is reflected back away from the van.

Buy Reflectix Here (48-Inch-by-50-Feet) –
Shorter Reflectix (24-Inch-by-50-Feet) –


Pictures of the Entire Build:

150 W Solar Panel –
30 Amp Solar Charge Controller –
Battery Isolator –
RV Battery Side Vent –
Flow-Rite Pump for Battery –
Flow-Rite Kit for 6 Volt Battery –
Fuse Kit –
Fuse Holder –
Best 600W Inverter I could Find –

Cubic Mini Wood Stove –
Chimney Cap –

MaxxAir Fan Deluxe 7000K –
Dicor BT Tape and Lap Sealant –
Counter Vent on Rear Door –

TV –
TV Mount –
Roku Short Cable –
Roku Streaming Stick –

7 Gallon Water Storage Tanks –
Water Pump –
Sink Faucet –
Bar Bowl Sink –
Mini Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier –

Dometic CC40 Refridgerator –

Schwinn Loop Bicycle –

Bamett Air Purifier –
Thermometer –

Carbon Monoxide Detector –
LP Gas Detector –

Bamboo Bed Sheets –
Bamboo Bed Comforter –

LED Lighting Strip w/ Music Mode –
Light Switch –

CR-260 Flooded Lead Acid Batterys 260 AMP Hours – 6

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