The Big Barker Dog Bed [Review]

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Hank’s new dog bed made by Big Barker is made with high-quality materials right here in the USA, is sleek and easy to wash but above all else, is so very comfortable for our little (big) guy! Weighing in at 90 pounds, Hank is a big dog and we never realized how much support he should have while sleeping on a dog bed. Once we found out about Big Barker, we were honestly quite surprised we had never really thought about it. In retrospect, a skunk incident that lead to us having to get rid of Hank’s old bed was the best thing that could have happened for our sleep-loving hound.

Probably the most notable thing you’ll see when looking at Big Barker dog beds is that they are big! They’re made for big dogs. We have the size large and it measures in at 48” x 30” x 7”. The 7” measurement is what keeps Hank supported. This 3-Stage construction (made with Big Barker’s proprietary blend of American made foam) is built and tested to ensure ultimate joint support. The layers consist of 2” of comfort foam, then 3” of high-density support foam, then topped with another 2” of comfort foam. Big Barker guarantees that this foam will not lose its shape for at least 10 years, and they stand behind their guarantee.

Once we traded in Hank’s old, flat, and hard bed for the Big Barker, we really couldn’t believe we had let him sleep on something so unsupportive and uncomfortable for so long. You’ll notice when you head over to Big Barker’s website that they make big beds for big dogs. Even the large (the smallest one available) feels big but Hank really loves having all of the extra room. Whether he’s curled up or sprawled out, he has plenty of room. Honestly one of my new goals in life is to have a house full of giant Big Barkers with dogs lounging all over the place.

We do understand that you will probably first look at the Big Barker and think “wait, $300 for a dog bed?!” Don’t worry, we did too but then we thought about it for a second. First of all, this will support Hank and help keep his joints healthy and that in it of itself seemed like a no-brainer. Secondly, he spends so so much time sleeping and lounging, why not let him be as comfortable as possible. And thirdly, Big Barker warranties their dog beds for 10 years. A dog bed that will keep its shape for 10 years? Yeah, no brainer.

We also thought that if we get Hank a dog bed that is actually comfortable and something he loves, maybe he will stay off the couch. It’s a long shot, but we are excited to give it a try. The fewer times we have to wash our couch covers, the better. Which brings up another good point. Washing the Big Barker is quick and easy and it cleans up really nicely. The zipper runs 75% of the way around the bed and so putting the cover back on the bed is a breeze.

Overall I’d say if there’s one way to explain how we feel about the Big Barker, it’s that we are embarrassed that we’ve been letting Hank lounge on an uncomfortable, unsupportive bed for the last 7 years of his life. It’s easy to tell (see photos) that Hank absolutely loves his Big Barker. If you’re interested in purchasing a Big Barker, doing so using our provided link supports us as we get a small kickback from your purchase. We appreciate the support!

*Hank received the Big Barker for free in exchange for a review, however, it’s important to know that all thoughts are our own.


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