The Best Thread Count for Sheets – Is Higher Really Better?!

Preventing Snoring With a Humidifier

One commonly missed reason why we snore can be due to excessively dry air in the bedroom. When the air becomes dry, such as for example during cold/dry weather, it is not uncommon for our nose to plug up during the night due to the lack of moisture. When our noses plug up with excess mucous, it makes it difficult for us to breathe through our nose and therefore our brains react by forcing us to open our mouths and breathe through our mouths, which can cause snoring as well as waking up with a dry or…

What You Should Know About Sleep Apnea And Snoring Studies

Sleep Apnea and snoring studies have led to a greater understanding of this condition. Individuals that experience apnea stop breathing during sleep for a few minutes at a time whenever asleep.

How to Enjoy a No Snore Night

Anyone who has had a family member who snores at night usually takes it as a normal part of life. Or at least, he tries to treat it as a normal part of life. The deep, guttural sound that pierces the night silence would already be chalked up among the natural sounds that are associated with sleep time.

6 Essential Tips When You Are Afraid To Fall Asleep

Today I want to dig a bit deeper into the concept of being afraid to fall asleep. As I mentioned before in my post (Are You Afraid To Fall Asleep?) there are many reasons that people can find it hard relaxing when it’s time to wind down. The most common being the anxiety that comes when you become aware of your sleeping problems, because this can sometimes lead to stress and worry over whether or not you will actually sleep.

The Four Essential C’s of CPAP Use

We have discussed the ABCD’s of CPAP use. Now let us stick with the four essential C’s of CPAP use that will help you stick with your mask and will help you achieve not only comfort in your sleep, but also relief in your sleeping problems.

Quick CPAP Maintenance Tips

Your CPAP is your partner in your journey to comfort. It is a sturdy piece of equipment that will stay with you for long periods of time if you take the time to clean it, use and maintain it properly. While the cleaning part may sound tedious to you, there are many way in order to make these cleaning processes easy and breezy.

New CPAP Items for the New Season

Yet again we bring you updates with the numerous new products that we have on our roster! In this update, we will be focusing on items that will increase your comfort as you use your CPAP unit and make you sleep better and longer as you use them…

Problems With CPAP

A lot of people find it very difficult to deal with sleep apnea, much less deal with the use of CPAP masks and machines in order to achieve relief and comfort. Many CPAP users, at first, find it very difficult to actually to stick to the use of the mask for many reasons. If you are one of these people, let us help you diminish these ideas through these article…

How to Keep Your Perfect CPAP Mask Fit

When it comes to using CPAP, one of the most common concerns is to how to keep the CPAP Mask fit in place. A lot of people take time in getting the right fit of the mask for them, others gamble on many adjustments before actually sticking to one. There are many mask adjustments that can be made in order to keep your mask in place but of course, here are some tips to help you get the perfect mask fit for you.

How To Get Snoring Cures On Sale

Are you tired of endless nights of no sleep due to snoring? If so many snoring cures are available online. Many people all over the world use these type of products found online. There are many different types of cures you can use. Some of them consist of sprays, nasal strips and nasal medications.

How to Achieve Compliance With CPAP Use

A lot of new CPAP users are finding it very hard to comply with the requirement of using the CPAP mask. After a month or so, many find it very difficult to stick with CPAP use and just opt to disregard it all together. This is something that cannot be left alone since the use of CPAP has become pretty much a requirement once you have been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea. If you are one of these people who are finding it very difficult to achieve compliance, here four easy steps to make it possible…

Maximizing Comfort With CPAP

For CPAP users, the comfort that the CPAP Mask and CPAP Unit is very easily likened to a breath of fresh air, quite literally! Having a CPAP mask allows one to sleep better, easier, longer and of course – more comfortable. Many who have been suffering breathing and sleeping discomforts have found their match with CPAP and have finally received comfort with its prolonged use. Of course, it is still possible to maximize the comfort that CPAP brings. Here are some tips on how you can achieve this…

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