The Best Cooling Pillows 2023 – Our Top 6 Picks!

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When it comes to creating a cool sleep environment, every element of your room should help you stay cool, including your pillows! That’s why we have a list of the best cooling pillows to help out. There’s something for everyone, so check out our full list!

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The best cooling pillow is one that will adapt to you! And that’s what the Sleep Number True Temp pillow does. It uses 37.5 active particle technology to dissipate heat away from you while you sleep. If you like a more traditional pillow feel, but want the cooling benefit from latex, the Saatva pillow is for you. It’s super soft, but has a supportive, breathable latex core to allow for airflow.

Side sleepers need tall pillows to keep their heads elevated. Adjustable pillows are good for this, so keep the Layla Kapok pillow stuffed full of its foam. This fill is very breathable, but it also has a thermagel infused cover to help keep you cool. Back sleepers need the perfect middle ground for height and the Birch isn’t too tall, but it isn’t too short either. This pillow has many breathable materials, like cotton, latex, and wool to keep you cool all night long.

On a budget? Check out the Purple Cloud pillow. It has a breathable construction, and won’t trap heat. To top it all off, it’s got a very budget friendly price point! Latex foam is bouncy and responsive, but it also does a good job of contouring around your head and neck. If that’s what you’re looking for in a pillow, then the Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex pillow is for you.

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What's up world it's Tony and I'm Elissa We are your friendly neighborhood Mattress and bedding reviewers here at Mattress Clarity and if you're sleeping Hot chances are you're not getting a Good night of sleep and your pillow Should not be a source of heat so if You're on the hunt one of the best Cooling pillows we've got you covered That's right we put together a list of The best cooling pillows on the market And remember if you want to read more About them you can find it at let's get started [Music] Before we reveal our top picks for the Best cooling pillows of the year I do Need to mention some of these were sent To us for free for us to test out and if You choose to buy one from us using our Affiliate links in the description below We may earn a commission but this just Funds our operation and keeps our Content free for you Kicking things off with an especially Cool pillow pun intended we have our Editors pick the Sleep Number true temp Pillow this pillow features something Called 37.5 active particle technology And what this does is when you start to Heat up or overheat the pillow will it Work to actively dissipate that body Heat and keep you at a nice comfortable Temperature it features a pillow within

A pillow design so it's going to have Some plush down alternative outer Chambers that surround a soft Slow-moving memory foam cord so it's Going to have a really nice soft plush Feel but it should still be supportive Enough for back and side sleeping Looking for a cooling latex pillow That's both durable and kind to the Earth check out the Sava latex this Pillow has an organic cotton cover that Is super soft and breathable but what I Really love about it is its pillow Within a pillow design the outer pillow Is filled with soft fibers and the inner Pillow is filled with tiny pieces of Shredded latex altogether it gives it a Nice medium firm feel so it's great if You're a back sleeper and because it's Made with high quality materials it Should last you a long time [Music] Side sleepers out there who sleep S the tall pillow to keep your head Elevated to avoid neck pain while you Sleep and for that I recommend the Layla K-pop pillow this is an adjustable Pillow meaning you can take out or add In that memory foam fill but for side Sleeping I suggest keeping it really Stuffed to the brim to make it nice and Tall to keep your head elevated while You sleep and because that slow moving Memory foam is shredded it won't trap

Heat because it's got lots of room for Airflow and this pillow comes inside a Very breathable pillowcase so all Together you shouldn't be sleeping hot While using the Layla K-pop Foreign Sleepers need pillows that are tall but Not too tall the Birch is a great choice If you rest in the sleeping position the Outer cover is made with organic cotton And on the inside you'll find Responsibly sourced wool for the core It's filled with shredded pieces of Latex which is both eco-friendly durable And cooling altogether this creates a Very balanced feel so you'll get the Neck support that you need but you won't Sink straight through it Don't want to break the bank while Trying to sleep cool me neither so check Out the purple Cloud if you're on a Budget even before a discount or any Holiday deal this pillow won't cost a Hundred dollars so it's a very good Budget friendly option while it doesn't Have any specific cooling features to it It does have a really breathable cotton Cover on the outside and there's a lot Of room for airflow to flow through the Down alternative fill speaking of that Down alternative fill gives us a really Nice plush and soft pillow but it is Quite tall and thick so it's going to be Nice and supportive for side and back

Sleeping too [Music] Latex foam is a great material for Pillows because it's cooling and it Gently Contours the neck if this sounds Like something you need check out the Brooklyn Bedding talale latex pillow This pillow is made with a thick piece Of Talley Lele text which is naturally Cooling but to make it feel even cooler At night it is perforated for extra air Flow another great thing about this Pillow is that it's available in two Lofts so if you're a side sleeper opt For the higher Loft but if you rest on Your back or your stomach get the lower One Hopefully by now you know which one of These pillows will help you say goodbye To night sweats but if you need more Information you'll find it at and you'll find some Money saving coupons while you're there See you next time [Music] Thank you [Music]