The Best Canadian Mattresses – Our Top 6 Picks!

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For our friends up north, we rounded up a list of the best Canadian mattresses. Whether you’re looking for something soft, plush, firm, or bouncy, we’ve got a bed that will meet your sleep needs.

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0:00 Best Canadian Mattresses
0:39 Best Overall
1:17 Best Memory Foam
1:56 Best Medium-Firm
2:45 Best Value
3:16 Best Hybrid
4:01 Best Cooling
4:44 Wrap Up

Supportive and comfy, the Endy earns top billing as “Best Overall.” This mattress isn’t just cooling and durable – it’s also affordable! If you’re craving more of that classic memory foam feel, however, we recommend the Silk & Snow mattress. This bed gently cushions joints and works well for side sleepers.
Fans of medium-firm mattresses will love the Polysleep. With advanced edge support and high-quality materials, this bed should last 7-10 years. Plus, it works well for both back and side sleepers!

If you don’t want to break the bank, consider the Douglas mattress. With Mattress Clarity coupons, the Douglas is one of the most budget-friendly beds on the market! Best of all — it features gel-infused memory foam and a machine-washable cover.

The Logan & Cove was named the best hybrid Canadian mattress, thanks to its durable materials and plush comfort. The coils not only offer the optimal amount of lumbar support – they also promote airflow and help sleepers stay cool at night.

Last but not least, we have the Recore. This mattress contains graphite-infused latex foam, which feels naturally responsive and helps dissipate body heat. This, paired with the breathable cover and cooling gel foam, makes the Recore the best cooling Canadian mattress.

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Hey guys Martin here and I'm Elissa and We're your friendly neighborhood Mattress reviewers at if you live in Canada you're looking for a great Mattress for you you have come to the Right video that's right for our friends Up in the north we've put together a List of the best Canadian mattresses We're gonna take a look at each one by One what makes them so special and help You choose the right one for you let's Get started [Music] First off we just like to know it Receives some of these mattresses for Free we may earn a commission if you Decide to purchase them this helps us Fund our mattress testing operations and It keeps all of our content free to you Let's hop into the list Foreign Off with our best overall pick the ND Mattress and the Andy is one of the most Popular Canadian mattresses and for good Reason features a very nice quilted Cover anti-foam and some other layers of Foam as well the ND foam really makes it Stand out though it offers the nice Properties of memory foam without the Drawbacks namely it is more breathable Than memory foam so it shouldn't be Trapping heat and it's also more Responsive making a very easy move

Around on this mattress it also has a Very good balance of comfort and support So a good match for back sleepers and Overall a very good deal If you love that slow moving memory foam Feel then the silk and snow might be for You this mattress has an anti-microbial Cover followed by a plush Comfort layer Followed by a transition layer and then Finally you've got a nice high density Support layer but don't let the Streamlined design fool you the Antimicrobial cover keeps you nice and Cool plus the Comfort layer is infused With gel which helps dissipate body heat The bottom layer is nice and supportive So you should get a great balance of Comfort and support whether you're back Or a side sleeper Foreign [Music] Mattress it's not too soft and not too Firm you gotta check out the poly sleep Mattress this is a perfect medium Firmness around 7 out of 10 on our Firmness scale a very good balance of Comfort and support it is an all-foam Mattress it's very good match for back Sleepers when you're on your back your Hips sink in just the right amount feel Some good lumbar support and some good Contouring as well and while it is an All-foam mattress it is a good match for Hot sleepers some ventilated materials

The breathable cover it shouldn't be Trapping heat lastly being a medium firm Mattress a very good option for couples If in your partner have different Sleeping preferences you both get what You need on this mattress it also Features great Edge support so you and Your partner can sleep all the way Toward the edge [Music] When you're shopping for a new mattress You don't want to break the bank that's Why Douglas is our pick for the best Value mattress it costs about 800 Canadian dollars for a queen which is a Great deal plus it has some really Unique features like a removable Washable cover gel infused memory foam And supportive base foam it's a little Bit on the softer side so it's a great Choice for side sleepers who need a Little bit more pressure relief Foreign If you want a mattress The Best of Both Worlds you got to check out a hybrid Mattress and our favorite Canadian Hybrid is the Logan and Cove hybrid Mattress this features some very high Quality materials like tensile fabric Silk and cooling gel foam right on top Of the mattress a very plush pillow top It is Cooling and so comfortable it also Features some nice zoned coils that Means it's firmer towards the center of

The mattress making it a good match for Combination sleepers when you're on your Back a good balance of comfort and Support on your side some good pressure Relief and good support for when you're On your stomach and lastly a good option For hot sleepers with the coils a lot of Room for airflow a cooling cover cooling Foams overall you shouldn't be sleeping Hot on the Logan Cove [Music] Foreign if you're a hot sleeper you'll Want to check out the recore mattress This bed has some really unique cooling Features first of all it's got a layer Of graphite infused latex now latex foam Is already a really breathable material But the graphite infusion also helps Dissipate body heat you'll also find a Layer of gel infused memory foam which Helps dissipate body heat so overall you Should not sleep hot on this bed this Mattress feels a little bit softer than Average so you'll gently sink into the Top layers but you're not going to feel Like you're stuck in this bed overall a Great choice for side sleepers and hot Sleepers At this point you should know which Canadian mattress is right for you but If you need more information head over To and read our full Reviews there you'll find some great Coupons and also in the YouTube

Description below see you then [Music]