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The 6 Millionaire Habits To Make More Money

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The 6 Millionaire Habits To Make More Money

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FIRST: Focus on improving your natural strengths and interests – rather than trying to improve what you’re bad at.
I’ve seen, firsthand, that being EXCEPTIONALLY good at one specific thing, usually commands a MUCH higher demand and income, than someone who is just above average at a whole bunch of things.

So just think to yourself:
What do you enjoy doing and what are you good at?
And how can you turn that into a marketable skill?

Then, every day, play to those strengths – even if you have to teach and learn on your own, make an effort to play up what you’re good at.

SECOND: Practicing the habit of saying NO.
People RESPECT you for having the ability to say “No” to them, because not only does it demonstrate that your time is valuable, but it shows that you have the confidence that you know your worth and can’t make time for everything.

THIRD: Recognize that your time is your money.
I now treat every hour as if it’s worth a certain amount of money – and I won’t settle to do anything that isn’t worth sacrificing that amount of money. Almost every self-made millionaire is like this…unless they’re retired doing whatever, they’re treating their time exactly as if it’s money. By thinking this way, they can make decisions they know will be the best for the long term…and helps not waste time. I really challenge you to begin practicing this daily habit, too…calculate how much your time is worth during your “prime” hours…and do your best to make the best use of that time!

FOURTH: Make a to-do list the night before
And when doing this, make sure your to-do list is actionable and specific, so you can hold yourself accountable to getting it done. And there’s a term for doing this, called the SMART goal:

Time based

When you apply ALL of this to your list making, and prepare this AHEAD of time, you’ll find yourself WILDLY more productive during the day – and you’ll just find a way to get more done. And think of it this way: the sooner you get things done, the more time you’ll have to do other things!

The entire point of budgeting is just to make sure you optimize your saving, and make sure you actually have enough money left over to invest and have the money make you more money. This is one of those things that, even if you’re a millionaire, you want to make sure you STAY a millionaire!

It’s also equally as important that, anytime you make MORE money in your career…that you keep your budget THE EXACT SAME AND SAVE THE DIFFERENCE.

They don’t expect immediate results, but they can see the long term benefits of putting in the work now. So focus every day on your end game – and make it VERY clear exactly what you want. If you don’t know what that is…how do you expect to get there? So spend time, each and every day, just being clear on what you want and why you’re doing what you’re doing. You don’t have to have it all figured out, but you should know the direction you want to go, and roughly where you want to be in the future.

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