The 15 Types of Pillows!! – Which Pillow Is Best For You?

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There are a wide range of pillows available on the market these days. At least 15 different types of pillows, in fact! In this video you’ll find out what those types are, and some may even surprise you!

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0:00 15 Types of Pillows Overview
0:52 Down Pillows
1:44 Down Alternative Pillows
2:36 Memory Foam Pillows
3:32 Shredded Memory Foam Pillows
4:29 Latex Pillows
5:18 Body Pillows
6:02 Adjustable Pillows
7:10 Feather Pillows
8:06 Other Types of Pillows
9:24 Wrap Up

Down pillows are made from down fibers, or the tiny feathers you’ll find close to a bird’s chest or underbelly. These types of pillows have a fluffy, cushioning feel. Likewise, down alternative pillows feel the same way, but are made from a synthetic material. Foam pillows come in a few different ways: single piece or shredded. Regardless, they offer great pressure relief!

Latex pillows are springy and responsive, and are made from the sap of rubber trees. Body pillows are long enough to hold and cuddle while you sleep and can provide excellent pressure relief in your lower body. They’re even good for pregnant individuals! Adjustable pillows are exactly that: you can adjust the pillow to how you like.

Feather pillows feel the same to down pillows, but feathers are just a bit more sturdy and firm than 100% down. Other types of pillows include: buckwheat, water, gel, microbead, cotton, wool, and kapok pillows!

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