The 10 Best Movies of All Time

The 10 best movies of all time

1. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

2. The Godfather (1972)

3. Citizen Kane (1941)

4. Star Wars (1977)

5. Seven Samurai (1954)

6. There Will Be Blood (2007)

7. Jaws (1975)

8. Goodfellas (1990)

9. The Dark Knight (2008)

10. Do the Right Thing (1989)

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The 10 best movies of all time silent Classics noir space operas and Everything in between somehow we managed To rank the best movies of all time all Lists are made to start arguments but a List of the greatest movies of all time Is particularly loaded no other art form Has evolved so drastically over the last Century and a half sure kids these days May prefer hairy styles to the beatles But a good song is always going to be a Good song a great melody never ages and A hot beat stays hot forever but is it Possible for modern audiences to see Citizen kane the same way audiences in The 1940s did can hitchcock still be Considered the master of suspense after Decades of directors stealing his tricks It’s barely been 14 years since the dark Knight and there’s a whole generation That likely considers christopher Nolan’s take on batman old hat ranking The best films ever made clearly isn’t Easy but that wasn’t going to stop us From trying on this ever evolving list You’ll find box office blockbusters to Cult classics comedies both romantic and Ridiculous horror flicks to crime capers It spans over a hundred years in Multiple countries and even with all That ground covered it’s sure not to Please every reader you might get angry But hey that’s what lists are for right Just don’t yell too loudly please one

2001 a space odyssey the greatest film Ever made began with the meeting of two Brilliant minds Stanley kubrick and scifi seer arthur c Clarke i understand he’s a nut who lives In a tree in india somewhere noted Kubrick when clark’s name came up along With those of isaac asimov robert a Heinlein and ray bradbury as a possible Writer for his planned sci-fi epic clark Was actually living in ceylon but the Pair met hit it off and forged a story Of technological progress and disaster That steeped in humanity in all its Brilliance weakness courage and mad Ambition an audience of stoners wowed by Its eye candy stargate sequence and Pioneering visuals adopted it as a pet Movie were it not for them 2001 might Have faded into obscurity but it’s hard To imagine it would have stayed there Hubric’s frighteningly clinical vision Of the future ai and all still feels Prophetic more than 50 years on 2 the Godfather from the wise guys of Goodfellas to the sopranos all crime Dynasties that came after the godfather Are descendants of the corleones francis Ford coppola’s magnum opus is the Ultimate patriarch of the mafia genre a Monumental opening line sets the Operatic mario puzo adaptation in motion Before coppola’s epic morphs into a Chilling dismantling of the american

Dream the corruption-soaked story Follows a powerful immigrant family Grappling with the paradoxical values of Rain And religion those moral contradictions Are crystallized in a legendary baptism Sequence superbly edited in parallel to The murdering of four rivaling dons with Countless iconic details a horse’s Severed head marlon brando’s wheezy Voice nito wrote his catchy waltz the Godfather’s authority lives on three Citizen kane back in the headlines Thanks to david fincher’s brilliantly Acerbic making of drama mank citizen Kate always finds a way to renew itself For a new generation of film lovers for Newbies the journey of its bulldozer of A protagonist played with inexhaustible Force by actor director wonderkind orson Welles from unloved child to thrusting Entrepreneur to press baron to populist Feels entirely okrant you can bathe in The film’s groundbreaking techniques Like greg tolin’s deep focus photography Or the limitless self-confidence of its Staging and its investigation of American capitalism but it’s also just a Damn good story that you definitely Don’t need to be a hardened cities to Enjoy 4. star wars popcorn pictures hit Hyperdrive after george lucas unveiled His intergalactic western an Intoxicating gee-whiz space opera with

Dollops of joseph campbell style Mythologizing that obliterated the moral Complexities of 1970s hollywood this Postmodern movie brat pastiche References a virtual syllabus of genre Classics from metropolis and triumph of The will to curacao’s samurai actioners Flash gordon cereals and wwei thrillers Like the dambusters luke skywalker’s Quest to rescue a princess instantly Elevated b-movie bliss to billion-dollar Franchise saudis five seven samurai it’s The easiest 207 minutes of cinema you’ll Ever sit through on the simplest of Frameworks a poor farming community Pools its resources to hire samurai to Protect them from the brutal bandits who Steal its harvest akira kurosawa mounts A finely drawn epic by turns absorbing Funny and exciting of course the action Sequences stir the blood the final Showdown in the rain is unforgettable But this is really a study in human Strengths and foibles tushiro mifune is Superb as the half-crazed self-styled Samurai but it’s takashi shimura’s Yoda-like leader who gives the film its Emotional center since replayed in the Wild west in space and even with Animated insects the original still Reigns supreme 6. there will be blood on The road to becoming the most Significant filmmaker of the last 20 Years paul thomas anderson transformed

From a scorcesian chronicler of Debauchedland life into a hard-nosed Investigator of the american confidence Man the pivotal point was there will be Blood an epic about a certain kind of Hustler the oil baron and prospector Daniel plainview is in the final Analysis an ultra scary daniel day-lewis Who will drink your milkshake scored by Radio heads johnny greenwood anderson’s Mournful epic is the true heir to Chinatown’s bone-deep cynicism as Phantom thread makes clear anderson Hasn’t lost his sense of humor not by a Long shot but there once was a moment When he needed to get serious and this Is it seven jaws steven spielberg’s Immortal blockbuster doesn’t need Political prescience to stay relevant It’s a movie about a big ass shark Eating people thanks in large part to The film itself that’s one irrational Fear the public is never letting go of Over the last two years though whenever Some elected official has argued against Masked mandates and said it’s time to Reopen schools it’s been hard not to Think about mayor vaughn in his goofy Anchor prince suit telling the citizens Of amity island that it’s safe to go Back in the water and that element along With the masterful pacing that gets you Every time jump scares and that banger Of a third act is what really makes jaws

Forever frightening sharks are scary but Greed and incompetence are far more Likely to get you eight good fellas as Far back as i can remember i always Wanted to be a gangster ray liada’s Opening line is the crime movie Equivalent of once upon a time and what Follows is martin scorsese’s version of A fairy tale the story of a starry-eyed Brooklyn kid who realizes his boyhood Dream and still comes out of schnook in The end based on the true life of Mobster henry hill goodfellas was born In the shadow of the godfather but as The years go on the question of which is More influential becomes mostly a matter Of generation certainly the former is More easily rewatchable owing to its Breakneck pacing it’s two and a half Hours just was by and for a movie about Violent career criminals it’s also Strangely relatable where coppola went Inside the walls of organized crimes one Percent scorces as gangsters are more Blue-collar and as it turns out working For the mafia isn’t much different than Any other job you spend 30 years busting Your hump to climb the ladder only to End up face down on a bloody carpet and Some tacky house in the burbs 9. the Dark knight there’s a new batman in Gotham in the shadowy form of matt Reeves is the batman and this is the bar It has to clear a middle entry in

Christopher nolan’s bat trilogy is an Almost flawless case study of how to do A sophisticated superhero epic for Modern audiences and the almost is only Because the final act refreshingly tries To cram in almost too many ideas much Moral arithmetic heath ledger’s joker Meanwhile redefines big screen villainy It’s not enough to be sinister you need A party trick now too 10. do the right Thing spike lee’s bitterly funny Ultimately tragic fresco of a brooklyn Neighborhood during one sweltering Summer day was hugely controversial at The time critics dingedly for his Depiction of an uprising in the wake of A police killing the movie has lost none Of its relevance or power if anything It’s gained some but the filmmaking is What makes this a classic particularly The energy wet in style with which lee Presents this microcosm and the social Forces that play inside it we are sure You have your own opinions about our List let us know what you think by Commenting below